Monday, December 17, 2012

Well, Doggoneit!

My dear Mother-In-Love fell and broke her hip this morning.
She will be having surgery tomorrow to replace the 'head and neck' of the femur.
Thank the good Lord she's wonderfully healthy. 
I'm so very happy that they only live two miles away.  It will enable us to help Dad look after her as she heals.
If you're the praying kind or the keeping-folks-in-your-thoughts kind, healing and patient spirits would be appreciated by us all.


  1. I am the praying kind and will most certainly pray for your mother-in-love. I pray that the surgery goes well and that she has a speedy recovery. Your In-Loves are very lucky that you live close enough to be able to help out. Also sending her healing energy.

  2. Poor Grandma Cox! I'm thinking of you and wishing her healing vibes. Make sure she does all of the exercises they say to do so she can heal quickly!