Monday, December 10, 2012

Office Assistant and Our CEO

Hobbes: Geez, he's slow.  I guess I'll just chill up here while he's trying to figure out which ornament goes on next.

Hobbes: How on earth did he get to be CEO?  He's not very efficient.

Me: Dude, I'd be careful what you say.  He's efficient enough and benevolent enough to buy your smart-aleck self, cat food each month.

Hobbes: Oh, I forgot!  
Yes sir, that looks perfect right there. 
Can I get you a hot chocolate?
Me: That's more like it.


  1. (grin) Your office assistant knows how to butter up the boss.

  2. Our orange beast will not leave the tree alone! Argh!

  3. Your office assistant looks like he just became Supervisor :)

  4. Your blogs crack me up. I think Hobbes should get a demotion for talking so sassy, I mean at least a time out is in order!

  5. Your cat is a hoot!