Friday, December 21, 2012

In Slow Motion

photo by Jenna

Blogs are where folks write down their thoughts and share them with the world.  Most often, they are just about day-to-day life.  At least the blogs I read, anyway.

When life for the blogger takes a turn from 'day-to-day' to 'hour-to-hour',  their blog falls by the wayside.  Usually because the person blogging has something critical happening in their lives and they don't want to or have time for sharing it.

My normal blog posts are usually pretty light and airy.  Not much substance.  Then I think about why I started this blog---to be a journal of sorts.  It cannot be just about the bubbly things in my life, it must also be about the real things in my life.

What's real right now is that my mother-in-love did not have a good day yesterday.
She was less coherent on day 2 following surgery than she was on day 1.
She was weaker.  She didn't eat much.  She dozed a lot.  When she was awake, she was confused.
Her physical therapy seemed pointless, as she was too weak to help her therapists.
Dad seems to be very tired as well.  He's sleeping on a rock hard murphy bed in her room at night and sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day.

After speaking with her doctor, I have hope that today will be a much better day.
He has answers for all our concerns.  Medical explanations for each problem she is having.  He has a fix for each one, too.
Hemoglobin levels, morphine, oxygen, activity---all will be altered to bring her back into a state of awareness and willingness to get back on her feet.  
We are terribly, wonderfully blessed to have a surgeon/doctor that cares enough to talk to us and explain things.  
The hospital mom is at, is a small one.  One that we were reticent for her to go to.  We were worried about the level of care. I think the whole family would agree that it was the very best decision that we could have made.  The staff is helpful, caring and accommodating. The place is crazy clean.  Doesn't smell like a hospital.  It's also quiet.

Right now, we are all living in a bit of slow motion.  It feels like the world and the people around us are moving much more quickly than we are.  I'm sure you've seen movies where the main character is standing in real time, while the people around them are a blur.  That's us.  Well, I can't speak for my family.  I guess I can say that it's me.  I take care of things as best as I am able--at my own pace.  
Chores don't get done, but my mother-in-love is infinitely more important than folded socks or a clean kitchen.  
I think God provides that ability to live in slow motion.  To quiet the brain and think about what's most important.  To sort out what needs to be done from what has to be done.  
Thanks be to God.


  1. Hope that things work out for your Mother-in-law! Thoughts and prayers.

  2. Praying for all of you. Things like this are always hard, and harder at Christmas. {{HUGS}}!


    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  3. Love what your heart is telling you Carla. You are a great daughter in love!! Hugs to you and Gladys/Dean. Hang in there.