Saturday, December 29, 2012

I Wonder What the Record Is...

...for oldest chicken who laid an egg is?

Yesterday, I got an egg from my Easter Egger hen.  She is 8 years, 2 months, and 14 days old.

She was an accident in my flock for two reasons.  
I did not order her, she was placed in my order of chicks for "warmth".
She was supposed to be a He, that's the reason she was added for warmth and free from the hatchery.

She is the only surviving member of my original flock.
Here's what the hatchery has to say about my little hen:

Ameraucanas, known as the "Easter Egg Breed", are a multicolored breed. They have beards, muffs and a normal tail with a tail head. They are often incorrectly called Araucanas, which have ear tuffs, are rumpless, and do not have a tail head which gives them a bunny tail appearance. Most of the chicks sold as Araucanas are really Ameraucanas, which are excellent, efficient producers of large eggs of many colors and shades including blue and green.
Standard weights at maturity are males-5 lbs. and hens-4 lbs.

(note: Ideal Hatchery is selling chicks that they are calling Ameraucanas--it hangs on the edge of being false advertising.  People are looking for a breed that lays blue/green eggs.  Very few of Ameraucanas actually lay blue or green eggs.  As of Penny's breeding, the gene that is responsible for blue and green eggs had been lost.  Why they don't advertise these chicks as Easter Eggers is beyond me.  Oh well.  I digress. She was free and I'm not complaining, just pointing out a tiny flaw in their advertising.)

Hers is the egg at the base of my hand.  As you can see, it is neither blue nor green.  I know they don't let roosters run around willy-nilly at a hatchery, so I don't know what went wrong with the coloring of her eggs.  They have always run between slightly pink to light brown.

Color doesn't really matter.  I was just terribly lucky that the person at the hatchery who has the awful job of sexing the chicks was wrong about Penny.

I long ago gave up convincing Penny that she can retire from laying.  She doesn't like me much anyway and none of us tend to listen to those we don't care for.


  1. Penny is one lucky chicken and you are lucky to have her.

  2. WOW! That is an old hen and for one to keep on laying is really outstanding!


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