Friday, December 7, 2012

Donkey Dilemma

Ever since I can remember (47 years, I had a birthday in October), I have wanted a horse for my birthday or Christmas.  There were even times when I wanted a horse for Easter.  Thought maybe the Easter bunny could skip the nasty hard boiled eggs and leave a horse instead.

I read books about horses, I rode horses.
I even went so far as to save an empty popcorn tin from Christmas because it seemed like the perfect place to put oats for my horse.
A horse that never came.

Fast forward to 2001.
At age 36, I finally got my very own horse.
Santa, nor the Easter bunny brought him.
In November of 2002, I had a horrible "wreck" on him.
By May of 2004, I had sold him.
I'd spent a couple thousand dollars getting training for both of us.
In the end, I gave up.
He had, as horse people say, "my number".
I averted another enormous wreck and ended up with a backside full of cactus spines in the process.
In the meantime, I came to realize that while horses are beautiful, they can (and will) kill you.

Trouble is, I still love all equines.
I got my heart set on miniature horses.
I researched, I looked, I hung out with my friend, Deb's miniature horses.

One problem.
A problem that still exists today.
I do not have my four acres fenced.

I've also switched equines.
I want donkeys.
Two donkeys.
Miniature donkeys.

I've got this crazy idea that they are more stable-minded animals.
They don't seem to think everything is going to eat them or kill them.
They don't spook.
They also seems to want to hang out with you.

So, here I am again at Christmas time, wishing for something four-legged that eats hay.
I've even located a rescue organization that has many miniature donkeys that need homes.

Maybe I'll save a popcorn tin this year, just in case.

Me and a Miniature donkey in Wisconsin.  I really, really wanted this boy and his spotted mini donkey friend to fit in my carry-on for the trip home.

Me, Beau and Chet at Danni's place.

You can tell I don't like donkeys at all.


  1. I always have wanted a donkey or two. Miniatures would be just perfect! I hope you get yours and they are delightful!


    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  2. Sure hope you get your miniature donkeys.

  3. CeeCee, I will be Shocked if you wake to miniature donkeys, but I wouldn't be surprised, cuz I know how much Eric adores you! I'll keep my fingers crossed because really? I see absolutely No reason that you should not have this dream come true. So easy Eric :)!

  4. Putting in an extra word to Santa for you. I want to vicariously enjoy the fun through your posts.

  5. Were you good this year ?I could call "Santa" and let him know!