Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Loving Grandma Can...

...bring out the best in people--especially grandkids.

I mean no disrespect, but my own grandmothers didn't necessarily inspire that warm, loving feeling that grandchildren can have for their grandmothers.
My dad's mother was, quite frankly, a bit frightening.  I do know that her life was one of sadness and drama.  I don't know what sort of family she came from, but I doubt it was much better than the family she married in to.  Being cranky and a little bit scary is allowed if you've lived a hard luck life.  

My mother's mother was a lovely woman, but I think she was grandkidded out by the time I arrived.  My mom was one of 11 children---next to last.  Many of her siblings had 5-10 children themselves.  I think I was up in the 50s in number of grandchildren. There were great-grandchildren before I was even born. I have sweet, gentle memories of her.  She was never cranky, just mildly disinterested.  I was okay with that.  Didn't hurt my feelings or anything.

My point is, my relationship with my grandmothers, would not have moved me to be helpful should one of them fall ill.  In fact, when my paternal grandmother died, we were on vacation.  I was 10.  My 'own-little-world'-10 year old-self, was hotter than a wet hen that we had to leave our vacation because Granny had died.  She was dead anyway, why did it matter if we didn't rush right back.  How dare she die while we were on vacation.  Writing that makes me cringe, but it was true.

My kids have a great, loving relationship with their grandma.  She loves them "skyfulls" and the feeling is mutual.  It's those feelings that bring out the best in my kiddos this week; and I suspect the weeks and months to come.  If they didn't love grandma so completely, they wouldn't be so quick to offer to look after one another, clean up the house, help with dinner, pick up Quinn from school, rearrange their social plans in order to help me out, and even pick up deer corn so "my" herd wouldn't go without breakfast.  The list is longer, but you get the picture.

Mom had her surgery late yesterday afternoon.  The doctor said her bone looked great for a woman her age.  We assured him it was genetic.  She comes from a long line of healthy, long-lived people.
She will stay in the hospital for 3-5 days, and then move on to a rehab facility for  1-2 weeks.  That means that Christmas will be spent away from home.  I know that will make her feel awful, but hopefully our love will sustain her and hold her up when she's feeling blue.  
Goodness knows she deserves it. 


  1. Just bring Christmas to the rehab facility, I know you will!

  2. Good grandparents are priceless. Everyone should have several. Best wishes for a quick recovery for yours.

  3. Gosh, rehab at Christmas, but at least it IS rehab then on to HOME!