Monday, December 24, 2012

A Feel Good Story

First, let me say that this is NOT me.
I did not get a donkey for Christmas.
It's unlikely that I ever will.

However, my friend Justina, over at Morning Bray Farm got a donkey for Christmas.

In all reality, Harriet the donkey, got Morning Bray Farm for Christmas.

Harriet hit the Powerball lottery when Justina and Don decided to add another donkey to their herd.
She has been adopted into donkey heaven-on-earth.

Harriet and Justina

Carson, one of Justina and Don's best buddies, documented Harriet's arrival at Morning Bray.
You will recognize Carson's blog and Harriet's story over on 7NSN.

Please click HERE to read all about it.
One of the happiest Christmas stories you'll ever read.

Thanks Justina and Carson for letting me steal!

Merry Christmas to Justina, Don, Carson and all their critters! 

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