Thursday, November 29, 2012

Days 22-30: The Little Things

I had intended to post every single day this month.
I didn't, obviously.
I'm not going to sweat it though.  
It doesn't mean I'm not thankful, it just means I'm not good at posting every day.

On Facebook, an old friend from high school suggested these last two days be filled with the small things we are thankful for.  
I hope to hear from you, regarding the small things you are thankful for as well.

Hot coffee with creamer and sugar-first thing in the morning

Dog kisses

Cat lap (those of you with cats will know what this means)

Frost on plants when the sun first hits it

Raucous laughter from my children


The steamer in my shower on really cold mornings

Eric letting me put my cold feet on his warm feet in bed

Feeding the deer every morning

Temperate winters

The smell of the earth in the spring, as I'm readying my garden

Lunch with girlfriends

Sharing popcorn, a soda, and Jr. Mints with Eric at a movie

The sun on my face on a cold day

The one tree on my property that changes color in the Fall

Inquisitive Wrens-my favorite bird

Eggs from my chickens--over medium with toast

Prayers before bed with the kids

The smell of an orange being peeled

Chickens, scratching, wandering, and eating

Visiting with folks in the kitchen at church

Chocolate chip cookie dough

Giant old oak trees on my property

My dogs, playing and chasing wildly

Kisses and hugs from my mother and father in-loves

My swimming pool after mowing for 2 hours

Toast with cinnamon and sugar

Coke Zero

Squirrels picking through the chicken scratch I put out for my chickens


That's a very small list, but a beginning.
What about you?
What's on your list of small things?


  1. My list would be as long as yours so I'll just say that one small thing I am grateful for is being able to sit in my Mother's rocking chair (with a hot cup of coffee) in the morning and look out my patio door and watch the sun come up. By the way, I love your Winter background for your blog.

  2. I LOVE your list. All prizes well worth noting. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for such blessings. Squirrels. chickens, happy dogs, feet warmer and cat lap--yes to all of the above.

  3. You list is just wonderful! Some of those things I know about and love also...I do so enjoy my chickens, the dogs won't let squirrels get very close to anything...


    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥