Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 3: Frogs

I know you're thinking, "Frogs? You're thankful for frogs?"

In short, yes.

Mrs. Frog at the top of the picture, Mr. Frog below.
 As much as anything, it's about where they live and how they got there.
I've always considered frogs to be water dwellers.  They need it to survive and certainly to breed.
You'll never see a tadpole in the dirt.

I wonder if they're getting enough to eat?
 I don't know where these frogs came from.  They are just two of many that took up residence in my gardens this year.  I guess they survived by the infrequent times I watered and the 3 times it rained over the summer.  The real question remains, how did they (or their parents?) survive last summer's 90 days above 100* and no rain?

Had to take these pictures through a window, with my arm extended.  If they see me, they jump in the water.
 Anyway, if you've followed me for very long, you'll know that anything in nature makes me happy.
The fact that this young couple moved into one of my crazy 'rain barrels' makes me furiously happy.
When they begin their croaking at night, it makes me smile as I fall asleep.

I know frogs can jump, but how did they know there was water in this repurposed toy box.  
I can only assume that frogs have a special "water in there" perception.  
Makes sense, since they need it to survive.

I wonder if tadpoles will be the next addition?
I added the stick so they could do a little sun-bathing.  
Every time I walk by my bedroom window, I peek out to see if they're sitting on it.
When they are, I stop and watch------watch them doing nothing.
It reminds me to take a moment or two each day to stop and look around.  
To contemplate.
To give thanks.

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  1. Sweet!! As long as their tadpoles will eat the mosquito larvie - then you're all set!! If they don't - you may want to put in a couple of minnows or get a couple of goldfish - not even the fancy kind - just the 15 cent feeder goldfish. They DO grow up to be lovely goldfish!!