Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 17-18: Quiet Moments and the Entertaining Cat

 On Day 3 of my month of Thanksgiving, I wrote about being thankful for frogs.
It sounded weird then, and sounds weird today too.

The frogs in that post live in a container (old toy box) I use to collect rain--when and if it rains.
These frogs live in my swimming pool.
Like their neighbors from the toy box rain barrel, these frogs spend a lot of time contemplating the troubles of the universe and how to fix them.
Or they contemplate what to have for dinner.
Or if they'll even have dinner.  Maybe they had a big lunch?

 Or they may be simply trying to catch a few rays of sunshine to warm up their amphibian blood.
Probably the latter.  

I do know that their quiet behavior causes me to feel quiet.  
To think.  
To mediate on how good my life is.  
They even remind me how very lucky I am to have an entire swimming pool full of water.
Some people on our earth have to walk miles each day just to get a gallon of water.
I have 45,000 gallons of it just sitting in my backyard.
 Then, just when I think I have fully understood this particular blessing, Hobbes comes along to enhance it.
He believes that frogs are better off in his belly than just sitting around, contemplating the universe.

Each day, he makes me smile--simply because he is curious and never gives up.
Each day, he stalks the frogs. 
 He's never going to catch one--unless he learns some diving skills.

So, to sum up--I often meditate on continuing to be curious about the world around me.
I hope it wasn't too difficult to follow that line of thought.
It'll be on the test. :)


  1. Test! There's a test? I wasn't paying attention because I was contemplating the troubles of the universe and how to fix them. And mediating on how good my life is. And how much I miss my dear departed cat. Thanks for the Hobbes fix.

  2. Hobbes cracks me up. If you ever figure out how to fix the universe let me know. :)

  3. Hobbes is a hoot! I love your pool also!