Friday, November 2, 2012

A Month of Being Thankful--Days 1 and 2

I am thankful 365 days a year.
Some days, more than others.
November is a month that folks give thought to being thankful because of Thanksgiving.
I've been light on blog content for many months.  Just haven't known what to say that I haven't already said.
So here is the perfect opportunity to voice my thankfulness, daily.

Yesterday was Day 1.  November 1st.

Yesterday I was thankful for the smallness of the church I belong to.

We have about 250,000+ members in 50 countries.
You would think, with that small number, that church members would not know one another outside their congregations.
The exact opposite is true.
I can visit one of our churches in any of those 50 countries and I am certain that within 10 minutes of arrival, that I would find some who knows someone that I know.  
This is made possible by the fact that we get together every three years for a World Conference.  We also have a college where folks from all over the world attend.  Lastly, we have summer camps and reunions that bring together children and families from neighboring states and regions.

So, what was it that made me particularly thankful for my "small" church yesterday?

Jenna traveled, by herself, to that college that I mentioned.
Along the way, one plane was an hour late.  She missed a connecting flight.  She spent many hours in airports.  Her bags were potentially lost from switching flights.  A fire alarm went off in the Houston airport---she was in danger of missing her last flight out if it turned out that something was indeed, on fire.
I was on United airlines website for hours--trying to figure out what her best plan of action should be.
I was on Facebook, expressing my worry and frustration.

It was on Facebook that my 'small world' church friends started popping up to help out.
One friend in Kansas City thought Jenna was stranded at the airport in KC, and not Houston.  She offered to drive up to the airport (1 hour) to either sit with Jenna until her plane came, or help her work out another flight.  She also offered that her husband might be of some assistance as well.
We aren't BFFs.  We don't vacation together.  Our husbands don't play golf. 
We have a connection because we know people who know people that we know.  

Confusing? Yes.
Unusual? No.

Later in the evening, the director of the Sr. High church camp that Jenna attends, chimed in.
He thought she might still be stuck in Houston.  He offered that he and his wife could go get her from the airport and she could spend the night with them if her connecting flight continued to be problematic.

I heard from many more church folks during the course of the day.  Many offered sympathy.  Others offered, "what can I do?".

We discovered the very same behavior when Eric broke his leg and needed surgery in Arizona.  Folks we don't really know from our church, helping us out.

And so, here on Day 2---I am thankful that Jenna made it to Iowa.  
To our little church college (3000 students).
She will be visiting with the Dean of the Science Department to map out the next four years of her degree.  
She will also be spending a great deal of time with kids she knows and loves from camp.
The small world church has turned full circle for her.


  1. Having a church with members all over the world makes a wonderful community. Nice to be able to find friends with common ideals and beliefs everywhere you go.

    Yours is a great idea to post gratitude. Gratitude allows us to appreciate life and can change how we experience the world. November is a great time to savor our blessings.

  2. I'm thankful that you have a church family that you love and trust and offered their assistance. I'm sure Jenna did fine because she's a bright girl! Being a mom makes us worry about all kinds of things! XO

  3. You are very fortunate to belong to such a wonderful Church and "family". I like your idea to post about gratitude.