Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Old Dogs Can Do New Tricks

Mandy, 9,  is my rule follower.  My shadow and my will-do-anything-you-ask-of-me dog.
Smokie, 6,  not so much.  She does only what she absolutely has to, and then grudgingly.

I recently, after 9 years of stepping over dogs in my kitchen, nearly fell over one of them.
It was time to make the kitchen a dog-free zone while I was cooking dinner.

Since there are no clear doorways to the kitchen, I placed a line of duct tape across each entry as a visual aid.
I was hoping what worked for the laundry room (where the dog food is kept), would work for the kitchen.  My dogs are required to be "out" while I'm dishing up their food.  
Small rooms and hungry dogs tend to be the perfect combination for a dog fight.  The difference is, there is clearly a doorway to the laundry room.

Duct tape in place.  Dinner being prepared.
"Mandy, out, out, out."
Ding, ding, ding---she got the idea on the very first try!
I really could have done something important with this very willing dog.

"Smokie, out, out, out."
Okay, but not all the way out.  Because she was feeling willing, not because I wanted it of her.

Mandy, only has to be asked once.
Smokie has to be asked, cajoled, and pushed bodily.  She then has to be reminded again and again as I prepare dinner.

Eric wants to know when the tape can come up.
When Smokie clearly follows the rules.
So, "never".
It doesn't look so bad, does it?

This is so easy, it makes me laugh.

Is Smokie doing it too?

Barely, she's barely doing it.  Does that count?

I'm embarrassed by her.  She always tries to get away with stuff.

I give up on the entire situation.  This bores me.

I don't know what she's grousing about.  I'm clearly behind the line.

I'm not in your way, am I?  So what does it matter?
Hey, were we going to get treats for doing this?
If so, don't give Smokie one.
As the saying goes, "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades".


  1. Love it. We have two dogs like yours - the cattle dog mix will listen almost immediately to a new command and the hound will "negotiate" and pretend he doesn't understand.

    When I met Mountain Man, he already had the dogs. The very first time I cooked him dinner and we sat down to eat, the dogs placed themselves on either side of him like gargoyles. That was when the new regime began! I don't let my dogs in the kitchen when there is food out either.

    Glad they're getting it!

  2. Tape! Why didn't I think of that?!

  3. Love your pups and also love your stone pillers!! I've always wanted a stone, rock, and cement house so we wouldn't have to worry about wood bees and termites!!

  4. Love your tape idea. That and the bell along with "out, out, out" sure seemed to do the trick. Great pictures of the dogs.

  5. How much fun this post was! And I love the cat on the piller! So much fun!


  6. I absolutely LOVE it! I'm smiling from ear to ear - this is hilarious! What a great idea to put down duct tape, CeeCee - brilliant! And I love your captions. :-)