Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birthday Boy

But where are his candles?

I believe I left them in San Antonio.
Quinn's birthday was strung out over nearly a month this year.

The first celebration was held in San Antonio at his soccer tournament.
Since most of his best friends are on the team and we'd all be staying on one hotel, I decided to surprise him with a little cake, ice cream and buddies.
He had the official number '14' candles on that cake from the grocery store.
It was held poolside.  
The boys all wandered in for pizza and cake and then wandered off to do whatever it is boys do.
Very laid back.

On the morning of his actual birthday, I got up and made him biscuits and sausage gravy.
We weren't doing anything special that night because of soccer practice.
Still, I bought him a tiny cake from the grocery store to follow dinner.  
I just couldn't stand the thought of not singing happy birthday and acknowledging the day.
He did get to open presents that morning.
Soccer slides (sandals), shin guard sleeves, Quench gum, and his favorite socks.
His new shoes are on order.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

It continues.
On the Saturday following is birthday, we couldn't go to our "family dinner" until after his soccer game.
Luckily, the game time got moved.  
It kept us from having to chase our tails between soccer and dinner.

Dinner was at his favorite restaurant--Madam Mam's.
Thai food.
The hotter the better as far as he's concerned.

Finally, we get to his real birthday dessert and this picture.
Homemade peach/blueberry pie.
No candles.
We sang happy birthday anyway. 

As seems the custom---the year has flown and the changes are dramatic.
He grew 4 inches in 12 months.
He's about to be taller than me.
His voice changed over the summer, rather quickly.  In one week while he was away at camp.
He's been put on the roster to mow the grass at our house.  He's not thrilled.
He is now an 8th grader.  Big man on campus.
I doubt he's being mean to underclassmen.  That's not who he is.

I don't know where this baby went.
Seeing his little face makes me sad.
Seeing his 14 year old face makes me proud.
He's a great guy and I love him madly!
Happy Birthday, Quinnie!!

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  1. Happy birthday! Soccer is our life lately too. Luckily no birthdays around here