Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Recap

Today is the first day of school.

Preston is a Junior in college.
Jenna is a Senior in high school.
Quinn is an 8th grader.

There were no "first day of school" pictures.
Everyone was too busy and Preston lives 40 miles away.

I wanted to do a photo summary of the events of this summer, but iPhoto is being impossibly slow today (and everyday).

Here is the Clif's Notes version of my summer--June through August.


We went to Oregon to see my sister, Nora, and to the Oregon coast to celebrate the marriage of our nephew Nathan and his sweetie, Jen.
We also got to see a fellow blogger, Danni.
The boys got to shop in the Nike employee store.  
We had wonderful, home cooked Pakistani food at the home of one of Eric's former co-workers.
We came home.
I didn't want to.

Jenna and Preston were counselors at Junior Camp.
They both survived.
So did their campers.
Jenna's boyfriend, Jeremy, was also a counselor.
He came home with them and spent the following week hanging out and treating Jenna like a Princess.
We are now in the process of playing the game of "Here's some money for your trouble this week".  Wherein, he hides money to pay us for his week with us, and we hide it back.

Quinn and a couple of his buddies from soccer went to a week long day camp to improve their "speed and agility".  They also improved their ability to sweat and drink lemon slushies from Sonic.

Eric had a birthday.
He might have turned 49.


Quinn went to Jr. High camp.
He survived.  His counselor wants a whole cabin full of Quinns.
I guess that means he was good all week.

Jenna went to Spectacular.
A week long sports/arts/church/hanging out camp in Iowa, on a college campus.
She rode a bus there and back.
Same kids go to this camp, as go to the local camp Jenna and Quinn go to.
Jenna and her girlfriends from camp/Spectacular have their futures all planned out.
They'll be together, somewhere.
Their husbands will just have to deal with it. :)

She applied to, and was accepted to the college of her choice.
She also received a substantial scholarship based on her SAT scores and her GPA. 


Jenna was home for 2 days, and then went to Tampa, Florida.
Busch Gardens, Zookeeper 201.
She shadowed zookeepers for 5 days to see if zoo keeping is in her future.
Probably is.
She also flew alone for the first time.
She didn't get lost, nor did she get on the wrong plane.
She knew far more about navigating airports than she thought.

Grandma had a birthday.
BBQ and homemade Peach/Blueberry pie in celebration.

Eric and I celebrated 24 years of marriage.
We had an overnight in San Antonio on the Riverwalk.

Jenna came home from Florida.
She was home for 3 days and then flew to Los Fresnos, Texas to spend the week with Jeremy and his family. 
The game of "Here's some money for your trouble" continued.
We now have the money.
Or do we? :)

Quinn had two soccer tournaments.
He also had two soccer camps.
More sweat, more lemon slushies.

Preston moved off campus and into an apartment.

Preston got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Katie.
We think they are too young.
A date hasn't been set yet.
He still has two more years of college.
All the same, we wish them well.
Blessings on them both.

And here we are, back at the beginning.
The bus actually showed up today.
It's the first time in 4 years that the bus came when it was supposed to (or at all).
If this is any indication of the year to come, I'll take it as a positive omen. 

Now I have to clean up the 3 months of debris that my family has left around the house this summer.
Wish me luck.


  1. We got engaged early like Preston but didn't marry until we graduated...I can't believe how young we were but it has worked out pretty well...they'll be ok...

  2. What a busy summer! Hopefully this fall will bring you back to Wisconsin :) I mean who doesn't love your family and having them around?! I love you all!

  3. Wow!! You have had a very busy summer. Sounds like you need a vacation. One of our nephews got engaged while still in college. He and his fiancé waited two years before getting married (so they could both graduate and get jobs). Preston sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders so don't worry too much.

  4. Fun update. You've been busy. Jealous of your trip to the Oregon Coast but it's on our very short list. Glad all the campers survived. Still hung up on that Peach/Blueberry pie...happy birthday!

  5. Fun, fun, fun! Your trip was cool and we got to share in everything!


  6. Whew! Busy - but fun! - summer. Good luck! :)