Monday, August 6, 2012

24 Years Ago, Today

l-r: Greg Jamison, Joel Cox, Dale Ward, Me, Eric, David Cox, Dave Orvis, Kevin Prine
Angie Sartain, Jody Cox, Lisa Singleton, Amber Roberts
Brian Cox, Sarah Frala

I changed my last name and changed my life.

Thank you, honey, for taking a chance on me.

You have been, and continue to be, the guiding influence in my life.

You are my sounding board when a reality check is needed.

You have insisted that I remain true to who I am.  That I not agree with you on every matter.

You have supported me in every endeavor, no matter how silly it might have seemed.

You have resisted being "the boss of me", which would have made your life so much simpler.

You do not insist that I believe like you do or think like you do.  

When we do disagree, you have stubbornly refused to accept escalation for the sake of making a point.

When we first got together, you said something so simple and yet was so telling of how our marriage would be (paraphrased): "We are a team.  If one of us fights to win so the other loses---the whole team loses.  I'd be fighting against my own team. Tearing you down, do build myself up makes no sense at all."  Thanks for teaching me how to disagree.

More than anything, thank you for loving me! 

All my love always,


  1. Twenty-four down and forever in love to go. Happy Anniversary.

  2. Happy Anniversary. Your wedding photo is lovely! As Leenie says...and more to go forever!


  3. Happy Anniversary to one of the most amazing couples I know! Thank for sticking it out for 24 years and teaching young people like me that marriage is worth fighting for. It's worth it to be on the same team. Ryan once told me that taking his name meant I was joining his team... then our team would be him and I and would grow from there. Your team has grown by 3 incredible young people, many moves, and a ton of animals. Your team continues to grow stronger each day. I'm so proud of your dedication to your team!

  4. I really love what Eric said to you when you married. Such a brilliant statement and so very true. Happy Anniversary, Love Birds!