Saturday, August 4, 2012


We were once a "house of many small cages and aquariums".
I lived vicariously through Jenna and her love of animals.
I did not grow up in a house of many small cages and aquariums.
 I grew up in a "house of dogs only"

 The Cox household has lived with, learned from and loved the following pets:
Hamsters, parakeets, a corn snake, a bearded dragon (lizard), caterpillars, rats, fish, dogs, cats, pigeons, chickens and one cranky horse.  
There would have been a rabbit in that list, but Preston and I are deathly allergic.  
I'd have preferred to add a couple goats and a donkey or two, but I believe that time is passed.  

We have downsized our pet list considerably.  
Two dogs, a cat, and 3 chickens.
Recently, I felt the need to add another 'pet'.  Jenna and I both really wanted more rats after seeing Danni's rat, Missy, on our vacation to Oregon.  They really are great pets.  They are also very social and want to hang out with you when you're home.  
Our cat, Hobbes, would just LOVE the idea of a rat roaming around on the sofa.  In fact, he'd love it to death-literally.  Besides, the real rat lover (Jenna) will be very busy with her Senior year of high school this year, and then head off to college.

 We settled on an easy to care for pet.  One that wouldn't be sad if we left town.  One that doesn't bite.  One that requires very, very little care.  A free pet.  One I could find in my neighbor's garden.
The Brown Garden snail.
The most common variety of snail in the world.
They got to be the most common by doing two things well----eating and breeding.

 We found that out one morning last week.  I'd just come in from taking pictures of the cicada.  I opened the top of the cage to feed the snails some lettuce and here's what I saw.
According to several sites on internet, there should be roughly 80 youngsters in with the grown snails we have.

Will we be having escargot any time soon?  
(Yes, this is the kind of snail you get when you order escargot.)
No, we will not be eating them.
To be honest, I don't know what we'll do with them.  They're so darned cute right now.
I certainly can't put them outdoors where they can devour my gardens.

Anybody want a pet snail or two?  They don't eat much and they don't bite.
Oh, they're also free.


  1. Sounds familiar... I too grew up in a house of small cages and aquariums... and dogs and cats...

    Your new babies are extremely cute. :-) Have you named any of them? That's a lotta babies - whoa!

    1. Maybe we'll do like you do your squirrels--give them all the same name because we can't tell them apart. They are hereby all named Pat (Patrick or Patricia).

  2. An animal lover's dilemma. What do we do with all these babies? Maybe this is one time you could turn them loose far away from your house and garden and not feel too guilty.

    1. That might very well be what happens. I have 366 acres of land behind me. Maybe I could take a walk with them and accidentally forget to bring a few home.

  3. That's a perfect solution, CeeCee. Patrick will be so pleased when I tell him! :-)

  4. I like you thought of taking them out for a walk and just forgetting to bring them home. Congrats on all the babies. Patrick is the perfect name for them

  5. just add garlic butter and puff pastry and you have a delicious snack!!!!!!

  6. Ohmygosh - the baby on your hand is just too cute! But 80 of them???? Wow. Just wow!