Monday, July 16, 2012

I May Never Go Home Again, Day 4

Day 4 dawned cloudy and rainy.
It had a sad start, as extended family all went their separate ways. 
We all met to say goodbye, exchange Father's Day cards and hugs and kisses.  
We didn't even get to have a Father's Day breakfast together.  Planes had to be made in Portland by noon and Otter Rock is 2 hours from the airport.
My family stayed behind for one more day.

After our goodbyes, the boys headed back to the condo.  Eric, Jenna and I headed to the beach.
We saw a lung.
Well, it looks like a lung, doesn't it?
It was as big as a lung!
It's actually a Giant Pacific Gumboot Chiton.
A member of the mollusk family that can grow 14 inches long.

Sea Anemone

Purple Sea Star among the mussels, waiting for the tide to come back in.

We got cleaned up and headed to Newport, Oregon.
We were on the hunt for a Father's Day breakfast for Eric.
Some of us also wanted to go to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.
Some of us. Not all of us.

"Wait, we're going where?"

"Really?"  "An aquarium?"

"But we're stopping for breakfast first, right?"

"Cinnamon rolls as big as my face?!" 
"An aquariiiuuum?" "You're kidding, right?"

No pictures of the cinnamon rolls.  They disappeared too quickly.
This is, however, a picture of something eating breakfast.
A blurry photo of a tank full of Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, nibbling on Quinn's hangnails.

This Harbor Seal wanted so badly to be touched and scratched.  It would snuggle right up next to the glass when a human was there; always placing it's head right by a willing hand.  Too bad that 4 inches of glass separated us.  
I'd have gladly scratched his head.

A Pigeon Guillemont.
That amazingly red mouth (and feet, you can't see) are meant to attract a mate.
The colors fade as breeding season ceases.

A Tufted Puffin
Turns out they are only "Tufted" during breeding season.  That elegant batch of feathers behind each eye are only there for a short time each year.
"I want to eat your baby" (quick, name that movie!)

Just kidding.
I don't know who this woman and her little boy are, but it's the only picture of a Sea Otter that we could get.
I'm adding it because it's astounding (to me, anyway) how large Sea Otters really are.  
They can weigh up to 100 lbs.
Definitely big enough to eat her baby. :)

Jenna and I agreed that we had never seen a starfish attach itself to anything in this way.
It was just hanging upside down by its "toes".  
I don't know how big it might have been if it were clinging to a flat surface.  
Upside down, it was easily 2 feet long.

The boys survived the day.
We rewarded them by taking them to eat Thai food in Lincoln City, OR.

Best Thai food we have ever eaten, hand's down!
Again, food was eaten so quickly that we didn't bother taking pictures.

Here's a nice picture of Preston modeling some of our rain gear for the day.

In case you've ever wondered where the Gambino family spends their vacations.
The Oregon coast, of course.
Who knew they volunteered?
I guess everyone needs a break from murder and mayhem.

I made poor Eric pull over (our car in the background) so I could get this picture.
I tried to get it out the window of the car every time we passed it, but it was always blurry.
It just tickled me for some reason.

An so ended our last day in Otter Rock.
The next day we'd head back to Portland.
I'd finally get to meet someone I've known for 4 years!
Meeting a fellow blogger who loves "Critters" as much as me. :)


  1. The Oregon coast is just cool. And wet. And amazing. Thanks for the tour. Love the rain hat.

  2. I have never been to Oregon...coast or other! Thank you so much for this trip!


  3. The beach critters are just awesome! And I love the aquarium shots. Can't wait to hear about the Critter Farm visit!

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