Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

I thought this space would hold post #3 on our fabulously cool, and green vacation to Oregon.
Did I mention I loved how green it was there?

Moving on.

This morning, I heard a racket outside.
The local bluejays were upset by something.
I assumed it was my office assistant, Hobbes.
I went out to see if he needed my cover to reach the house without getting dive-bombed by the mob of jays.

Instead of finding my cat, I found they were hassling a very large rat snake.

Finally!  She'd come out of hiding!

I'd been missing an egg every couple days, for weeks.

I'd go out several times during the day to see if I could catch her in the act of snacking on the free buffet my hens provide.

No luck.

The hens were no help either.
Since rat snakes don't eat full grown chickens, the hens never gave any warning when the snake would come for lunch.

It took me longer than I would have liked to catch her.
She was a good sport about it though, and only tried to bite me once.
I finally gave up and just plunked a trash can on top of her, then slid the lid under her.

This picture is of her in the can.  
She was hoping I would lift the lid just a bit higher so she could strike at me and have me drop the whole works.  
No such luck.
I took her several acres away and released her into a nice brush pile.  
A perfect place for a rats nest.  
She'll have to work for her meals now.


  1. She is a beauty! Hopefully she finds someone else to bother now. Good thing it wasn't a mouse or I would have had to jump on my table and scream. Have I mentioned that I can't even stand the sight of mice? You are a brave woman to tackle a big snake. I guess living in the country has taught you how to "not" be afraid of critters. I'm a city slicker haha!

  2. Your visitor was very fortunate he (or she) was accosted by someone who just gave him (or her) the catch and release treatment. Most thieves aren't so fortunate even if they are amazing.

  3. What a huge girl!!! I have two snakes that live in the doorway of my hen house...a garter snake and a water snake...they snack on the nasty mice...I let them. I prefer the mice to die...I'm not nice like you.