Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Office Assistant and the Water Cooler Conundrum

My Office Assistant spends quite a bit of time at this particular water cooler.
We have a different model that is much easier to get water from, but he insists that this one is superior.
He tells me that the water from this one just tastes better.
I can't imagine why.

 The only trouble is, it's a bit out of reach for an easy drink.
Standing on his tippy-toes in back, while clinging with front paws makes enjoyment of the tastiest water a bit less enjoyable.

 He thought he had it figured out here, but then discovered that keeping one's paws dry and getting a drink are two pieces of his puzzle that will not ever fit together.

At last, he gives up and puts a paw in.  He had no worries about contaminating the subtle bouquet of bird in his water.  He assured me that he'd just washed his paws.


  1. He has much better balance than I could manage!

    1. I'm beyond balancing in such a manner. I just watch and admire.

  2. Maybe it's the bird-ish flavor that makes this water better. Maybe it is the challenge. Your office assistant is very handsome. I'd keep him around just for eye candy.

    1. He's mostly just eye candy in the summer. No snuggling allowed, as it makes him too hot. I do believe it's the birdy flavor that makes the water taste the best.

  3. We have nice watering buckets outside for our critters but the cats (not our indoor cats but the outside ones owned by the crazier cat lady next door) love to drink out of the nasty birdbath too...maybe it tastes bird-like?

  4. He is one very determined office assistant.

  5. The smell of bird must be why the water tastes the best!! Great post!