Sunday, June 24, 2012

I May Never Go Home Again, Day 2

Yesterday, I forgot to mention the main reason we went to Oregon.
Our nephew, Nathan, got married to his sweetie, Jen.
They were nice enough to invite us to join them.
On with the trip-----

Before we left Portland, we ate a small breakfast at the hotel.
Not very filling.

We were anxious to get on the road and out to the coast.
I was so starved for the color green that I was even taking pictures of the countryside.

I made Eric stop here to see what fruits and veggies they had.
Bought a pint of the most amazing strawberries we have ever eaten.

Hunger finally overtook the bunch of us and we just had to stop at this place in Lincoln City.
Any place that acknowledges my love of pork right in their name (specifically BACON), has my vote!
Good food, good service, marginal coffee.
You can't have everything.

More photos of green. 
I heard lots of 
"How tall do you think those trees are?" "Is it this green all year?" coming from the backseat.  
My kids must have been reading my mind.

We finally arrived at the Inn at Otter Crest.  This was the view from our balcony.

The namesake of the town of Otter Rock.  Otters are no longer found near this rock.  I spent some time researching why they don't and couldn't find any reason.  It's now home to many species of seabirds and seals.  It's about 1/2 mile off shore, right in 'front' of the Inn.

The first thing we did, after hugging family members already there for the wedding, was head down to the beach.  It was low tide and we took quick advantage of the chance to poke around in the tidal pools.

The resident pod of harbor seals were taking in a little sun.

"You about done?  I'm trying to get a nap, here!"

Have I mentioned how much I love the scenery?  The green?

This waterfall was just below our condo, but only accessible from the beach.  To get an idea of its size--Eric and Quinn are just below it and to the right.

Preston, probably wondering why we're down on the beach if we can't swim.

Flowers will grow anywhere in Oregon.  
I can barely get them to grown at all in Texas.

Quinn, checking tide pools for sea critters.

One of my very favorite pictures of the whole trip.  
Jenna and Eric.  
Don't know what they're talking about, but I love seeing them together.  

Preston being chill.
Preston being silly.
All within a moment of one another.

I know, I took lots of pictures of nothing really important at all.
I was just so happy to be back in the Pacific Northwest.
It really does speak to something inside me.

The pelicans again, this time with sunshine in the picture.
Something, I'm told, doesn't shine as often in Oregon as it does here in Texas.
Knowing the sun was very important to the happy couple (outdoor wedding), we decided to bring the sun with us from Texas. 
Will it shine for their wedding on day 3 of our trip??
Tune in later and find out.


  1. What beautiful pictures. I love the ocean ones the best. I remember after living in Phoenix for 6 years I too craved the color green. It is amazing how the lack of a color makes us want it. I've never been to Oregon but now after seeing your pics, I really want to visit there some day

  2. oh! What a lovely trip! And so lush and GREEN! and Lush and moist and well! GREEN!


  3. We are not as green as the PNW but I love our green. I cannot imagine not having green stuff around gotta move somewhere green