Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Guessing Game

The family is leaving on our summer vacation tomorrow.

First, we will be going here.
I am given to understand that it probably won't look like this.  We probably won't be able to see that mountain because of low lying clouds and rain (hint-hint).
What we will see is my dear sister, Nora!  She's going to show us around a bit and share a meal.
We'll head out the next morning for......


We will have 3 wonderful days spending time with family, watching our nephew marry the girl of his dreams, and figuring out how to capture some of the cool air and rain to take home with us.  There'll likely be some touristy stuff happening as well.

On day three, after celebrating Father's Day with all gathered, we will head back to the place in the first picture.

BUT......we will stop on the way to visit someone very special and meet all her Critters (hint-hint!)
Someone I've known for a very long time (since I started my blog in 2008), but never met.

Any guesses on where we're headed in any of these pictures?


Well, you'll just have to wait til I get home to know the answers.


  1. HAVE FUN! I can hardly wait for your new post!


  2. How beautiful! It sounds like your gonna have a wonderful trip surrounded by wonderful people. Be safe CeeCee and enjoy!

  3. Have a safe and wonderful trip. Enjoy the cool air, scenery, family, and friends.

  4. Haaaaa! Look at those big, beautiful donkey faces!! :-) :-)
    And...thank you, CeeCee dear, for bringing the glorious weather (most likely all the way from Texas)! You totally DID get to see the city just like in your first picture, didn't you?!
    :-) :-)