Friday, May 4, 2012

Wonder How Much Money We've Saved?

Here you see a cut away view of an air conditioner.  
It could be very helpful, except it's not.
About 6 weeks ago, one of our air conditioning units decided that when it clicks on, that it will trip a breaker and stop working.  
Lazy air conditioner.  
Wish I could trip a breaker on myself every now and then.

The thing is, we haven't had it looked at yet.
The unit that serves the bedrooms is working just fine.
This unit serves the main living part of the house.
In the mornings, I open up the windows in that part of the house to let the cool breezes blow through.
I'm perfectly comfortable in the 70*-75* degree range and I'm the only one home during the day.
About lunchtime, I shut up the windows and the house manages to maintain those cooler temperatures.
Luckily, the outdoor daytime temperatures have only breached 90+* a few times in the last 6 weeks.

Next week, Eric (formerly known as Lee) will be working from home.  
We'll finally have someone come out and figure out what's tripping the breaker.
Repairmen tend not to find so many things wrong with our stuff when Eric is around to discuss it with them.  

I'm curious, how much money we'll have saved by not using this air conditioning unit for that long.
There's really no way to know, as by this time last year, we were beginning our 90 day run of temperatures over 100*.

Do you open your windows?  How long into the spring/summer can you leave them open?  I will say that dust is a problem here, but I try to keep on top of it.


  1. Our big bill comes in December-January when the temps average in the single digits and occasionally drop to below zero. We've put plenty of insulation in the walls and attic of our house to cut back on escaping heat. The insulation works for us in the summer when we can just open windows and let a breeze cool the house in the mornings. Sometimes we use a little window AC in our bedroom in July and August but we seldom see triple digits. What we save in the summer on AC we spend in the winter on heating bills.

  2. I leave me windows open all the time, then finally the dust gets to me and I have to shut everything up and live with swamp cooler air.

    We save in summer and have higher bills in winter.