Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jenna Pie

Most everyone knows that the names you see here are not our real names.
I took a page out of Pioneer Woman's playbook when I first started this blog four years ago.
I have since outed all our real names.
Strangely, I still blog with the names I chose for my family members.
In fact, my niece, Sarah (her real name) and my sister, Nora (formerly known as Jean) have begun calling me by my blog name: CeeCee.

This post isn't supposed to be about names, real or not, it's supposed to be about Jenna (formerly known as Pearl).

I took a picture of her sleeping the other day.
She uploaded the pictures off our shared camera and promptly deleted the picture of herself sleeping. 
 She said she "...looked terrible! Why did you want a picture of me sleeping, anyway!?"

Funny how we see things so differently.
I thought she looked beautiful, napping there on the couch after a hard day at school.  
I was going to blog about how beautiful she is, inside and out.
I was going to blog about how funny she is and how proud I am of her.
I was going to blog about what a great artist she is.
I was going to blog about how even if she weren't my daughter, I'd want to hang out with her and have her as a friend.

Now I can't, because she deleted the picture of herself sleeping on the couch.
Instead I'll just have to post her latest piece of art.

Silly Jenna Pie.
That's her newest nickname by the way.
It was given to her by Sarah's daughter, Bella, just a few days ago.  
The very same day I took the picture.


  1. Jenna Pie really is very talented! I love seeing pictures of her artwork. And, even though she deleted the picture of herself sleeping, you ended up with nice blog fodder :)

  2. One of the best rewards of motherhood is adult children who have become great friends.

    1. I like all my kiddos. I'm a very lucky woman!

  3. I Love Jenna P's new nickname, I think it's perfect for her but so is Pearl. She's radiant and beautiful inside and out. Tell her it's too bad she deleted her picture. Mama's always take pics of their sleeping beauties :)

    1. Yes, I fussed at her for deleting it. I found it in my iPhoto "trash", but wasn't able to retrieve it to use. I'll get her again. She naps nearly every day after school.