Monday, May 14, 2012

It Gets Better Every Year

When my kids were little, they'd shower me with gifts on Mother's Day, that they'd made at school.
Sweet kisses, snuggles in the early morning before I'd get out of bed.
I was positive that those moments were as good as they get.

I was wrong.
Each year, as my kids age, I find new and wonderful things to love about them.
They express their Mother's Day love for me on their own terms and not those offered by what the art teacher at school has in mind.
I do, however, cherish those artsy trinkets made by tiny hands.

This year, Mother's Day was a weekend-long event.
Saturday, we surprised Mom and Dad with a little lunch in further celebration of their 60th wedding anniversary, with some of their friends from church.
We chose a local restaurant--Creek Road Cafe.
The wait staff was so sweet and the food was good, as always.
We followed that by having dessert and coffee at our house.
How does that pertain to Mother's Day, you ask?
My kids were all there.
Silly and happy and smiling.

After a short nap, the fun continued with a trip to see The Avengers.
Candy, popcorn and Eye Candy.
I can't decide if I have a bigger movie crush on Captain America or Iron Man.
Again, all three kids were there.
By the way, if you haven't seen this movie, make plans to!
I mean it, make plans right now.

 Sunday morning I awoke early to put the finishing touches on the service at church.  I was in charge and needed to print the bulletin.
On the counter in the kitchen, I discovered a treasure trove of gifts and cards.
I knew Jenna had painted the bluebird (below) for Grandma, but she surprised me with a painting of my own!  
The wren is my favorite bird and she captured it beautifully!
Her creativity and talent are blessing to everyone she knows.  

 Preston got me a great card and some amazing chocolate.  
Dark chocolate is good for you, isn't it?  
Antioxidants and all that.  
Cancels out all the calories? :)

I also got a Mother's Heart necklace with all three kids names on it.

After church we went to our favorite sandwich shop with Grandma and Grandpa for lunch and came home.
Another nap and an episode of Sherlock on Netflix (series from BBC, fabulous show).
When I awakened from my nap, I was surprised with Jenna's homemade chocolate cupcakes.
SOOOooooo good!
There are no pictures of them.  They disappear quite quickly.

Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa, Eric and the kids for making my weekend so special!
I love you all more than words can convey!


  1. Iron man...he's got money!

    We took Emily to see Avengers too...our weekend was much like yours! Happy mother's day!

  2. It sounds like you got what you deserved. All those diapers, bottles, long nights and worries are rewarding you with great kids and lots of appreciation. Yes, and you're right about chocolate.

  3. What a wonderful Mother's Day weekend for you! You raised some great kids.

  4. What a great day for you!!! Happy Mother's Day!!!


  5. Happy Mother's day to one of the best mama's I know! Should I tell you now or later that I expect you to wear that necklace all of the time?! From the minute I saw it in a magazine, i told Ryan when we are done having kids I want one... that was after having Bella... if I don't get one, I'll purchase it myself :) Yeah I'm like that, stubborn!

  6. Sounds like the perfect Mother's Day weekend! Jenna is incredibly talented. What a beautiful painting. And dark chocolate PLUS chocolate cupcakes? How wonderful is that? But that necklace.... oh, how I love that necklace. What a beautiful gift. I know you'll wear it with pride and treasure it always. Happy Belated Mother's Day, Carla.