Friday, May 18, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

The 'beauty' is the pair of peafowl that showed up on my property.
The 'beast' is that someone most likely dumped them.

What makes me think that?  
Don't I live in a neighborhood where all my neighbors have at least three acres?  Goodness knows one of them could have peacocks.
Or not.
There are only 16 homes in our neighborhood.  I know all my neighbors and asked around a bit.
Also, if you've ever lived near a peacock, you'll know it.
One of the neighbors described the call of a peacock as "just like woman screaming for her life".
There's no way to have peacocks as pets and not have the neighbors know about it.

The sound they make is what makes me think they were dumped. 
 Someone probably got a pair because they thought they were beautiful.  
They were expensive--at least the white one was.  I think he or she is a Silver-Pied peafowl.  That makes her worth upwards of a hundred dollars.

They weren't fully aware of four things that make peacocks less than perfect pets:
1. Their call is loud and disruptive--especially when they go off at night.
2. Their poo piles are quite large and stinky.
3. Even if raised from chicks, they don't really have a need to hang out with humans.
4. They can fly.  Usually they fly onto the branches above your car to roost at night.  Then, in the morning your car is decorated (see #2).

Unfortunately, like any fowl, they get used to their surroundings.  They range from home, but only so far.
This pair was disoriented and the darker of the two was frantic to keep moving.
I hoped they would hang around.  
I hoped they had just wandered over hill and dale and ended up in our neighborhood somehow.
I hoped that maybe, just maybe, someone was looking for them.

What they did do was wander out into the ranch land behind us.  
That pretty white one doesn't stand a chance.
If the coyotes don't spot her right away, the Great Horned owls will spot her overnight.

There ought to be a law that says if you want to purchase any sort of animal, you need to pass a test on its care and well being, first.
No pass, no pet.


  1. They are an incredibly beautiful pair of peacocks. I hope someone claims them soon. I just can't imagine someone dumping them off like that! I know you are correct that they are quite expensive. We've considered buying some in the past, but even hatching eggs were ridiculously expensive. One of our neighbors up the road raises peacocks and they sound like some sort of wildcat when they gets spun up and start screeching - the peacocks, not the neighbors :) I always feel that people who dump animals should be blind folded and dropped 1000 miles away in the desert, mountain, or forest. It just makes my blood boil.

    1. Agreed on the "dropped 1000 miles away..."!
      I wish they hadn't wandered off, but the darker one was bent on getting somewhere. I only got these shots because I took some chicken scratch out to them.

  2. Yes, beauties abandoned by a beast. Or, if they are just lost, I hope their people come looking for them. True, screaming peacocks ARE unsettling but so is a screaming child. There should also be a test to pass for becoming a people parent. No pass, no baby. But then, the human race would have died out centuries ago if that were enforced. (I digress)

    1. Leenie, I'd so like to believe they are lost, but they'd have to have wandered quite a distance to have gotten to my neighborhood.
      No kidding on the baby test, too!! Unfortunately, I think you're right about the human race dying out.

  3. I so agree with you! About people dumping them off. Are you going to try to round them up and keep them for yourself, or until someone comes to claim them?


    1. I'd have been okay if they'd have stayed around, but they wew in a hurry to get somewhere.

  4. What a beautiful pair of birds. It is such a shame that people are so stupid. I volunteer at a local animal shelter and I know that all the owners had to do was take them over there and they would take them in. Such creatures don't need to be someone else's dinner.