Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Two Things Herald Spring

This is a test.
Which two of these pictures are true harbingers of Spring at my house?

A. Baby Rat snake

B. Baby Mockingbirds

C. James playing soccer

D. Bluebirds catching caterpillars to feed to their babies

E. Honeybees on Milkweed flowers

F. Bluebird eggs

G. Thunderstorms

H. Garden growing

I. Does bringing their fawns out of hiding

J. Tarantulas on the move, looking for love

Believe it or not, I consider A. and J. to be the correct answers.
Snakes and Tarantulas are never ever on the move before daytime temperatures reach 80+ degrees outside.

I know baby birds are cute, and so are fawns.
Flowers are beautiful and the bees are just like sprinkles on flowery cupcakes.
Soccer and thunderstorms happen all most all year long.

I know, I'm weird.
I get just as excited about snakes and spiders as I do about flowers and baby animals.
Hey! The snake is a baby!
Does that count as cute?
I think it does.

What makes you sure Springtime is here to stay at your house?


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  2. Wow - those are all really great pictures, CeeCee! I really love the milkweed/honey bees picture. There are several true "signs of spring" here. Testosterone filled roosters, honey bees moving about, and daffodils/hyacinths blooming. Spring is my very favorite time of the year.

    1. Spring is my favorite as well. Some years we don't get a Spring. We jump straight into summer. Last year, our heat wave (90 days above 100*) began in mid-May.

  3. Wow!I liked all those photos. Jealous of the deer, the flowers and the birds. NOT jealous of the snakes and spiders although we have our share. Our problem with spring is it's usually just a long cold, muddy end to winter. Then sometime around June things dry out and warm up a bit.

    1. The spiders eat scorpions, so I'm happy to have them. Plus, they're really cool. :)
      The snakes eat the rats and mice.

  4. Great photos!! I would say all of the above!! The snakes are out here and the spiders, I am not really fond of them, but I am very aware of their presence...they are great varmint catchers.


    1. For some reason, this year I'm especially aware of the possibility of venomous snakes. That's why you see me getting the baby snake out of a net. I wanted to get a good look at him before offering him my hand. Venomous or not, they are all great varmit catchers.

  5. I love spring! I love your photos, too! Even the snake and the spider! :) Happy Easter to you and your family!

    1. Happy Easter to you and your family as well!