Monday, April 16, 2012

Now I Can Get On With My Life

Several days ago, I blogged about plants in my pasture that 'bite'. One, I simply could not identify.
It drove me crazy.
I looked for what seemed like hours online, trying to find out what it was.
I only did mental summersaults because the weed is everywhere.
In total, I probably have a half acre of the stuff.
I consider myself pretty adept at finding "hard to find" stuff on the internet.
This crazy, awful, mean plant eluded me until today.
In fact, it wasn't even me that found it.
Someone on GardenWeb, "Name That Plant" figured it out for me. Hooray, now I can move on. Check it off my list of things I wonder about.

Introducing, the wildly invasive Malta Star Thistle!
Aka, the Centauria Melitensis.
It is listed as a "Federal Noxious Weed", "Texas Department of Agriculture Noxious Weed", " Texas Parks and Wildlife Prohibited Species" and lastly, "USDA Invasive Plant".

In other words, it doesn't belong here and you sure as shootin' better not bring any in from another country.

Not that it would matter much. It's already here.

The only sure fire way to be rid of this plant without poisoning/killing every living thing around the plant, is to get some goats.
Not gonna happen.
No fence.
No protection from coyotes.
No "Okay" from my HOA.
The End.


  1. Nice job identifying the evil alien. I think it would even take a tough goat to chew that one up.

    1. I'd think so, too. But you know, the internet says goats eat this weed and we all know the internet is never wrong........ :)

  2. Happy to hear you "solved" your mystery. Now if you could just find a way to get rid of it.

  3. Can you rent goats? I know there are people who have goats for rent!

    1. I'd need a way to keep goats on my property, as we have no fence.

  4. Goats are pretty cool animals. They will eat even the worst weed when the weed is in it's infancy. Once the weed really gets to going (such as sprouting the main stem) goats stop eating it.

    Like you I would love to have about 20-30 goats right now for about two weeks, they could knock out lots of stuff. Then bring them back to get the late starts.

    Misty's two goats are 'working' on part of the burn area, but there is only two and we have over 20 acres they need to eat FAST!


  5. Finally! I've been calling this "devil weed" which is apt. Super at propogating in every possible way: a little seed/sticker remains if it is mown; then, the taller plant has additional seed/stickers and then...I'm trying to pull a lot of it out of progressively larger areas, but it is getting ahead of me...maybe a goat is in order (I have a fence).