Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mr. Lion and His Friends Go to the Amusement Park

Alternate title:
How to get several years of dust off stuffed animals. 

Pearl, like me at her age, is unwilling to give up her stuffed animals.
They hold memories.
I brought several stuffed animals into my marriage.  
There, now I've admitted it.

After last weeks deep cleaning of the washing machine and dryer filters, I decided to stay on my Spring Cleaning roll.
I tackled the gameroom, Pearl and James' bedrooms and bathrooms.
Normally, this is theirs to keep clean.
I went in for the "under the sofa cushions, grout, baseboards, wooden blinds" cleaning.

Dust was the biggest challenge.
Lots of windows equals lots of dust.
It was clearly visible that Pearl's stuffies were holding onto their fair share of the gray stuff.
Since they hadn't been out of her room in years, I decided to take them to the amusement park, 
aka, the dryer.

All you need to take your stuffed animals (or any other thing that can't be washed) to the amusement park are two things:
1. A large, netted dryer bag.  Found in most laundry aisles.
2. A dryer with a "no heat" setting, or at the very least a "delicate" setting with low heat.

Pop a few stuffies at a time into the bag (make sure they have room to tumble around) and put them in the dryer.
Mine rode for 10 minutes and then sat quietly in a laundry basket while the other stuffies took their turn.
Since no one threw up after going round and round for 10 minutes, I took them all for cotton candy before I took them back to their cradle in Pearl's room.


  1. I must admit that I too have a large stuffed animal collection. Thanks for the advice on how to clean them. They would probably love a trip to the amusement park.

  2. Dust is a mess here ... too much wind and I keep the windows open. But we had a sprinkle of rain that smashed the dirt onto my windows. Which cleared up the air.

    My point of all of this is you are right..getting rid of the dust is the biggest problem.