Monday, April 23, 2012

Field Trip with My Hubby

Lee was out of town for 5 weeks straight. Home on the weekends, often having to leave on Sunday afternoon.
The weekends usually revolve around soccer, church and other child-centered activities.
The long and short of it is, we haven't been on a date in an age.
Last weekend was shaping up to be no different than the previous ones.
While we were unusually free of soccer, the free time quickly filled up with taking kids back and forth to our Founder's Day festival and a birthday party.
No time to squeeze in a movie or even lunch.
An ad in a magazine gave me an idea----how about doing something first thing in the morning? We're up early anyway.

And so, on a bright, breezy Saturday morning, we drove an hour and half to pick strawberries. Left the house at 7:30 am. I was the perfect date for an early morning getaway--I fell asleep in the car. Lee got to drive in peace.

Here is a picture of perfection. Small, perfectly ripe, sweet berries.

Lee modeling one of the four proper positions for picking strawberries.
1. Bending over
2. Squatting
3. Kneeling
4. Giving up and sitting down---skootching along on your backside.

They also had onions very nearly ripe.

Just a minuscule portion of their peach trees--their primary crop and money maker.

Still about a month away from being ripe.

Blackberry crop--should be ready in a couple weeks according to Mrs. Marburger.

This is Mrs. Marburger and Lee talking about the beautiful day and when peaches will be ready.

After picking 14lbs of strawberries, we headed into the town of Fredericksburg for some lunch.
No one was serving lunch yet, so we settled for pie.
Pretty good pie, I guess.
Way too high priced--$5.95 for 1/10th of a pie.
My pie is better, but someone else made this pie and someone else cleaned up.

We were home by 12:30.
I stayed awake on the way home, so Lee got to listen to me talk for an hour and a half.
He talked back though.
Lengthy conversation regarding small business owners and why we think they make it or go under. Our small town is opening a 5th (yes 5th!) pizza place. All within 1 square mile of one another.

Anyway, we had a lovely time. For some reason, we just never considered morning as a possible time for a date. Now we know better.


  1. Well done! Time with a hubby can be hard to come by and it looks like you made the most of it plus got a picking partner and pie out it as well.

  2. I am happy you finally got some time alone with Hubby. Mornings can be some of the best times.

  3. Ah!'s been years since I've been there, not since I was 14.

    Your photos are very well done!


  4. Gosh, I wish our local growers were so neat...we pretty much walk through an "active" barnyard if you know what I mean...and the rows...never pretty lie yours!

  5. That sounds like a wonderful date! And it looks like it was a fabulous day. Those berries look amazing.