Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Can't Even Donate Them

I'm doing a bit of spring cleaning.
I'm hosting a baby shower this weekend, so that's my push to get started.
One thing I try to do every year is purge my bookshelves of books I'll never read again and magazines I've amassed over the past year.

However, there is one magazine that I cannot even donate.
One magazine that I cannot part with, even if I never read it again.
National Geographic.

But why?
Why can't I let loose of them?
Goodness knows there are plenty of doctors and dentists offices that are in need of some quality reading material.
The nursing home here in town would probably like them.
So would my local library.

I just can't.
They are so perfectly done.
So thorough.
So beautiful.

I learn so many new things with every single issue.
Sometimes I learn things I didn't want to know about.
Some things make my skin crawl and my heart ache.
Some things make me angry.
Some things make me smile for hours.
Overall, it makes me realize the world is bigger and the issues are bigger than little Dripping Springs, Texas.

I could save myself some shelf space and order their new CD set of 112 years of the magazine.
If I did, I'd never leave my office chair for sitting and reading.
Plus, I'm one of those weirdos that wants to hold my reading material.
I don't have a Kindle for that very reason.
I love books.
I love National Geographic magazine, too.

So, this morning, a years worth of Good Housekeeping, Time, Fortune, Inc., Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, and a few others, went to recycling.

Are there magazines that you just can't part with?
More to the point, do you know why?


  1. Mother Earth News is like that for me. When I was getting divorced and had to move, I had to let go of so many things. I cried when I had to throw away those magazines because I couldn't take them with me. Seems silly to some, but I still ache for a few of the things I had to leave behind.

  2. I'm with you on National Geographic being a treasure worth keeping. I also agree with you that there is something so satisfying about holding and feeling and even smelling a book or magazine. I do hope they all don't go away in the future. Not only is the printed page wonderful but it doesn't need batteries or circuits to be available.

  3. I am with you on the National Geographic. When we cleaned out my parents house we found a whole stash of ancient Nat'l Geo. Some things you just can't part with.

  4. Shape or Fitness magazines. I love reading them later, even years later and seeing what the trends were and what's changed. On a side note, don't you think magazine subscriptions are the best gift? I mean you get them all year long. Now I know why Grandma always ordered Reader's Digest for Dad. Even though he told her a million times not to order them, she still did. I secretly think it was her way to get him to think of her each month, even if it made him curse :)

  5. I keep Family Handyman mags like that and it is becoming a problem...too much paper!

    I like to thumb through them every now and then. NatGeo is even moreso a problem...I can never subscribe!