Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thundershirt Update

The good news is, we got some rain.
A lot of rain---2.5 inches!

The bad news is, Smokie is among the 20% of dogs for whom the Thundershirt does not work.
She still got on my bed, above my head, next to the headboard.
She weighs 55 lbs.
She doesn't really fit above my head next to the headboard.
She decided that wasn't safe enough and hid in Lee's closet on top of shoes and hangers and a jumprope.

I think my next step is some form of doggie herbal sedative.

So to recap:
Rain good.
Thundershirt bad.
100% money back guarantee, great!


  1. Poor Smokie! Yes, some good sedatives may be the answer. At least you'll get a refund on the Thundershirt.

  2. Try Rescue Remedy or Five Flower for my dogs. Another I use is White Chestnut. Works on Fuzzy and other animals and humans also. I used it on my hen when she was attacked. Go here to order


  3. Sorry to hear the Thunder-shirt didn't work; at least you got rain. This may sound funny but I use Rescue Remedy for my anxiety attacks. It works great so I don't see why it wouldn't work on Smokie. Don't feel bad about my comment on your word verification. I never had any trouble until Blogger changed to this new format. My eyes just aren't as good as they used to be, so I have trouble reading the terrible squiggles they use. I won't give up though because I really love reading your blog.