Monday, February 27, 2012

Office Assistant Assesses the Situation

Hobbes: Hhmm, it does seem to be making a funny noise. Have you checked the manual?
Me: No. It's making a funny clicking sound when I hit "print"?
There's a manual?
Hobbes: (quiet grumbling) Sounds like a paper jam.

Hobbes: Let me take a closer look. What does the printer icon say on your computer screen?
Me: What printer icon?
Hobbes: (long sigh), it looks like a tiny printer. It's in the lower right-hand corner on the bottom of the computer---it's on the dock.
Me: What's a dock?
Hobbes: ((((much longer sigh))))

Hobbes: Okay, I hit clear. Try printing again.
Me: Okay.
Printer: Clickety, Clackity, Clickety, Clack, Clack, Clack........
Me: Maybe try turning it off and then on again. That works with the set-top box on the television when it's acting up.
Hobbes: ((Rolls Eyes))

Hobbes: I'm certain it's a paper jam. I can't fix it without opposable thumbs. I can guide you through fixing it, but only if you don't ask ANY questions. In fact, no talking at all.
Me: Ok. Thank you.
Hobbes: I said no talking.


  1. Does that bell not keep you up all night? Our orange ball of fury runs all over all the time!

  2. Nope, he's pretty quiet at night. Mostly, it's his purring that wakes me up. He thinks late night snuggle sessions are part of his job description.

  3. Tech support can be so impatient and arrogant sometimes. Add that to the superiority of feline attitudes and you get that LOOK so well captured in the last photo. Heh

    Thomas isn't much for tech support but he does like to wait until 2a.m. to sit on my chest and purr into my nose to get even for my forgetting to feed him before bedtime.

  4. Can I borrow your tech support next time my computer acts up? haha

  5. AHHH! Kitty love eyes!!