Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In Which McDonald's is Serving McFood Once Again

I eat at McDonald's about twice a year. Each time, it's because I'm ravenously hungry and know what to expect.
I've seen pictures and expose's on YouTube and Facebook about McDonald's food.
A hamburger and fries that sit out for months and don't ever go bad.
I know from Michael Pollan's book, The Omnivore's Dilemma, that Chicken McNuggets have 38 ingredients.
Only one of which is chicken.

So why was I taken in by the prospect of "juicy pieces of white meat chicken breast"?

I was having a craving for fried chicken yesterday.
Real fried chicken.
Fried by someone else because I haven't mastered it myself and I hate cleaning up afterward.
The last place I ate real fried chicken was in New Orleans.
Best. Fried. Chicken. Ever!

Today was one of those ravenously hungry days and there was McDonalds, right in my grocery store parking lot.
McD's has had a cluster-bomb ad campaign regarding their new and "only available for a short time" Chicken McBites.
The commercial has a picture of their product, similar to the one you see below.
What you don't see in the commercial, is that only 3 out of the whole box look like that.

About a 1 to 1 ratio of chicken and breading.
Tasty enough, I guess.
Isn't fried chicken, but I knew that going in.

Here, a 3:1 ratio of breading to chicken.

I broke this one in half to show you the tiny center of the McBite. The whole thing was as big as a dried apricot, but only had a wee bit of chicken. Ratio, 4:1.

Here, there is only a sliver of chicken. It's hardly recognizable.
Ratio 10:1.

I'm guessing their definition of "lightly breaded" and mine are wildly different.
After I ate about 5 pieces, I decided to sacrifice the rest and separate the breading from the chicken to show just how little chicken is actually in the McBites.
Wasn't happening.
The breading and the chicken were somehow fused together.
Not sure I want to know how.

So, in conclusion.
If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
I should have known better.

PS...The fries were marginal too. Maybe next time I'm ravenous, I should just wait it out and eat a banana at home.


  1. My husband and I rarely eat at McDonald's due to previous bad experiences with their food. We eat there when traveling unless another fast food place is available. We would rather eat at Arby's or "god forbid" Wendy's than at McDonald's. Sure doesn't surprise me that the McBites were mostly breading with very little chicken. It's all about PROFIT.

  2. Makes me sad for those who think McD's produces "food." I agree one hundred per cent on their lack of quality. I guess that's what is sacrificed to be able to serve billions of meals. Lightly breaded---HA. Just a way to sort of disguise the crumbs of chicken. I'd rather eat a good cracker and a slice of aged cheddar.

  3. I saw on the news the other days that test-tube meat is now coming to a fast food place near you. Maltodextrin with synthetic food flavoring in meat. That is just what they said! We have got to make sure there is really food in our food from no on!


  4. We can't eat McD's any more. It just grosses us out. In fact, about the only fast food we can stand is Subway. Isn't that a pathetic commentary on how people eat

  5. Eek. We all know what MCd food give to our health, but oh, you know still, sometimes you just wanna take a bite haha!