Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Above, you see four sets of eggs. I have four hens. I don't know which egg belongs to which hen, but it doesn't matter for this bit of egg sleuthing.

I have trouble with blood/meat spots in my eggs.
Until yesterday, I didn't know if it was one hen, or two, or all four, that laid eggs with spots.
In our family, we know that the spots are harmless.

The spots are not:
*a sign of salmonella contamination
*the early stages of a chick being formed
*dangerous for consumption

What the spots are:
*a sign that the hen(s) have a broken capillary somewhere in the egg making structures of her body.
*completely edible

But why do folks care about the spots.
I thought about it the other day. Goodness knows most of the folks I know eat their steaks medium rare--blood running all over their plates. Sushi is all the rage, most of it prepared with raw fish.

So why the aversion to a spot in an egg?
I think it's because most folks are used to eggs being two colors.
A very pale yellow and white (clear). Red is not supposed to be a part of the color spectrum in eggs.

My honest opinion is that folks think that spot can only be one thing---a chick embryo. No one is eating a chick embryo. Not even me. I can see the aversion to that spot.

However, many folks that have never read anything about chickens or eggs, also assume that it takes a rooster to make a hen lay eggs. It no more takes a rooster for a hen to lay eggs, than it does a man to make a woman ovulate. Every single hen that lays eggs for mass production in the grocery store has never even seen a rooster.

If you've read this far, you're wondering if I'm okay with spots in my eggs, why do I care.
Well, we have new neighbors.
I really wanted to gift them with a dozen eggs.
I didn't want to give them a bunch of spotty eggs. They're from New York. Manhattan to be exact.
So, I collected eggs for two days from all my hens.
I broke one egg from each hen ( id'd by color, size, shape). I was hoping that at least one of my hens could be counted on to be laying spot free eggs.

Egg #1. Spot.

Egg #2. Spots.

Egg #3. Spots.

Egg #4.
I got all excited because the egg on the left was spotless. I broke open it's sister egg (egg from the same chicken, laid the day before) and it had spots.

Shoot! All four hens are laying eggs with spots!
There is no known cause for this. None of my hens is sick. They just lay creepy eggs.

I will say that I made some wonderful cookies for the new neighbors with those very eggs. I wasn't sure how friendly they'd be, as I've heard that folks from NYC aren't prone to friendliness. Boy was I wrong! Sweet young couple with two adorable kids, a golden retriever and a cat. They are actors and now producers. They moved here from NY to be closer to her family. Austin is a movie sort of town, and much closer to Los Angeles.

Maybe I'll take them some eggs anyway. I'll just give them a biology lesson. Once they taste them, they'll never be able to eat grocery store eggs again.


  1. I used to 'candle' my eggs then I stopped when I moved to brown eggs. They spots, as you say, are harmless, mean nothing, and are eatable. Maybe they won't gross out, but I've had people who are COUNTRY RAISED AND BRED gross out. Rather stupid if you ask me.


  2. I would eat any of those eggs over what I can get in the grocery store any day! I never really liked eggs until I started getting them at a farmer's market where I used to live. Now I can't bring myself to buy them, so I don't eat any if I can't get the good ones.

  3. Missing REAL eggs. Those spots don't bother me at all.

  4. They wont care about the spots! Give them the eggs and mention the biology lesson! I tell you, I have gotten so spoiled by my eggs. I HATE store bought eggs. I was away on travel and returned today. This morning I had eggs in the hotel. They were awful. Most of the time I don't eggs other eggs because I know I wont like them, I have waffles or something else.

    I closed down my blog for now, Razzberry Corner, to focus more on other aspects of my life. I miss my blog friends. I only facebook now, and I barely do that! But I will continue to come around when I can to visit your blog!


  5. very nice gesture to your new neighbor:)

    I baked a lot and used to bring cakes to the elderly and the cakes are very much appreciated.