Monday, February 6, 2012

Cat Jail

Meet Mr. Mustache Snuggle Talkington.
Right now, he's depressed.
He's in jail.

His only crime is that he wasn't good enough to be someone's forever-cat.

He's in my garage in a Great Dane size crate that he shares with a litter box and cat bed. He gets 3 square meals a day, plus lots of time out to snuggle with the warden (me) and her staff.

His likelihood of getting out of jail and into someone's home is good, thanks to the warden's good heart and her husband's open pocketbook.

He will be headed to the infirmary tomorrow to have a little surgery done, get checked for communicable diseases, and finally some immunizations.

After that, it will be up to the warden's ability to sell her friends, her friends friends, and their friends friends friends on the wonderfulness of having a cat in their lives.

All light-heartedness aside, I could just strangle somebody...
...For being a big fat coward and dumping their cat!
In the dark!
In a strange place!
Next to the highway!

I don't know what gives folks the idea that cats can fend for themselves? I also don't know what makes them think that if they have a problem with the cat that someone else might not have the same problem with the cat?

The animal loving side of me wants to believe that he does/did belong to someone. That maybe they don't know about Craig's List. That maybe they can't get out to put up "Lost Cat" signs. That maybe he just disappeared and they didn't bother looking for him because we all know if a cat disappears around here for more than a day or two, it's likely the coyotes got it.

Or maybe they're like one of my idiot neighbors whose cat had been hanging out at my house for several weeks and just didn't bother looking for her. She's just a barn cat. "Oh, we just thought she was gone."

Whoever you are, your cat had the good fortune to run in front of my car. I have the time, space and money to get him properly taken care of. Tomorrow, I will spend money--quite a bit of money, at the vet doing all the things you should have. Pets aren't free!

For the dumper---I don't care what your circumstances are, I hope, that before you enter heaven or hell that you have to spend a month completely covered in dumped cats.

I hope you have to feel the fear they have when they first realize you are closing the door on your car and driving away.

The fear they have when cars whiz by.

The fear they have when they're wandering through woods and pastures filled with cactus and owls and coyotes.

The fear they have when their tummies growl for lack of food.

The fear they have when the wind blows and temperatures drop and the rain comes.

How awful that this poor cat should feel comfort by spending his days in jail, waiting for his next chance at a forever home.


  1. Amen to your statement about people who "dump" their animals. The Humane Society will always take your pet if you can't or won't care for it . Dumping is just wrong. Thank you for being such a caring person to take care of this animal.

  2. Mr. Talkington is so handsome. A plague on anyone who would dump an animal. Blessings to you for coming to his aid. I hope you can find a permanent and caring home for him soon.

  3. Amen, sister!! You *know* I have similar feelings (and a shared experience) here.

    Mr. Moustache Talkington is one incredibly handsome dude.
    And he looks like he's got quite the personality.
    I am thinking good thoughts for him that his "forever person" is on their way to him.

  4. I know your pain! I am having no luck with the two that we just got fixed. I cannot find anyone to take makes me sick and mad that people dump animals. Good luck!

  5. Thanks all. I've had a couple leads as far as folks wanting to take him off my hands, but no one has committed to it. I did have a breeder ask to have him. I wanted to ring her neck, but didn't. Bad Karma. :)

  6. Amen! You said it better than I've ever said it and everything I believe in!


  7. Ooooh, he looks like he has some Siamese in him. My baby boy did. Snuggly, soft and quite the chatterbox he was. I miss him. Bless you for taking him in!