Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Boy and a Girl

Nathan Cox
In June, this boy (ND), our nephew, will marry this girl (JH).
They have graciously invited us to share in their joy and celebration.
I absolutely cannot wait.
Well, I'll have to wait, but I don't want to.

This boy, I have known since he was tiny.
Since he was cute and sweet and had devilish temper tantrums.

I haven't met this girl.
I've heard wonderful things about her.
I can tell she makes this boy, wildly happy.
That's good enough for me.

I was thinking the other day, what an amazing blessing it is for her to be marrying into this family. They love each other. Her in-laws (in-loves, as I call them) love her. They think she hung the moon. This whole family, that I was blessed to marry into myself, is fabulous! How many folks can say that? How many folks can love and be loved so much by their in-laws?
Not many, I'd guess.

Anyway, this girl, is from the Portland area. Her family and most especially her father, are still there. She and this boy are getting married in Oregon, even though they live in Missouri.
I grew up in Missouri. Been there, done that.
I've never been to Oregon.

A wedding and a vacation all in one trip.
I haven't hit this jackpot since my own niece got married to her beloved in Hawaii, where they lived at the time.

So, let me share my excitement with you!
The wedding will be at the Otter Crest Inn.
The vacation will be the Oregon coast with many other points of visit.
Lee is going to try to swing a visit to the Nike Headquarters in Beaverton. Luckily, he knows some folks that know some folks. Touring Nike isn't normally allowed.
The rest of the trip has yet to be determined

property map
Map of the grounds at Otter Crest

inn at otter crest
View of the Otter Crest Inn.

Harbor Seals
Pearl will be in heaven!

A friendly local.
Gull on balconyNature trail
A walking path in old growth forests.

Tide Pools
Tidal pools!
We won't be anywhere near our room during low tide.

A view to the North. Stunning!

otter crest beachSunset on the beach

The beach.
I'd venture to guess no one will be getting in the water.
I think the water temperature is in the 50s.
I know the average high temperature during June is 65*

Living room area
A room we'll probably seldom be in.

Crashing Surf
I can't wait to hear the sound of the waves crashing!

balcony view
A great place to watch the sunset with family and friends.

A beautiful place to begin a new life together.
This boy and this girl have lovingly invited us to witness this beginning.
Can't wait!
Otter Crest Beach


  1. Wow! Lucky you! Attending a wedding of a beloved family member and is bride is one bonus bowl of cherries for certain. To be able to spend a vacation in the Portland area plus beach time is just the brightest cherry to go on top.

  2. I am so happy for you. The bride to be is one lucky girl to be marring into your loving family. And you get a wonderful vacation as a bonus.

  3. Congratulations to that boy and that girl! The area they chose for the wedding looks absolutely gorgeous! I know you'll have a wonderful time.

  4. Congrats to both of them! I know what a blessing it was to have you guys at our wedding. We were SO glad you could make it. I know how much you love your in laws and she's a lucky girl to get to gain such a sweet, loving family in addition to the man of her dreams. PS I'm glad you are blogging again, even though we talk more nowadays, I still love your blog too :)