Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Office Assistant Misunderstands Signage

Did you ever have one of those horrifying moments when you realize you had walked into the wrong bathroom?

Men into Ladies room or Ladies into the Mens room?

Often, restaurants will try to follow a theme and end up making your choice of bathrooms confusing.

Inboard and Outboard motors.--this assumes you even know what those motors look like in the first place. Then there's the biology lesson.

The signs for male and female.--goodness knows, I can't remember which is which.

The name in another language.--I know Spanish and that's it. Any other language and I'm left wondering.

Hippies with braids and Hippies without braids.--I've seen men and women wearing braids in Austin. This sign is no help at all.

What all those signs do is cause me to have to stop and think.
Not what I want to do when I'm searching for a bathroom.

One restaurant (Macaroni Grill) even goes so far as to confuse me when I am washing my hands and ready to leave. They have the opposite sex label on the inside of the door. In the ladies room, the back of the door has "Mens room" on it. I suppose it's possible that they print it that way so they can hang the doors as they please, depending on how the restaurant is set up. Mostly, it just makes me question their concept of humor.
I'm sure there must be a camera pointed just at the door to take pictures of people's reaction and them looking around wildly to be sure they are in the correct bathroom.

Misunderstanding signs is not only for the human population.
Take my office assistant, Hobbes here.

He is clearly laying on a bed marked with a pawprint for "Dogs".

He's even pointing to it. He seems not to care that he is in a bed made for dogs.

In fact, it may be that he purposefully laid down and took a nap, despite the signage to the contrary.
You see in Hobbes world, all thing belong to him. The rest of us only get to borrow the things that belong to him. Hobbes clearly knows the difference between cat and dog prints, but I began to wonder.
I looked it up, in case I'm ever at a restaurant that has paw prints on the bathroom doors.
(because everyone knows that all cats are "she" and all dogs are "he", or not)

Tutorial for those bathroom signage challenged like myself:

Dog print has one hump at the top of the main pad and two at bottom.

Cat print has two humps at the top of the main pad and three at the bottom.

Both animals have four toes.

So now you know and so do I.
Good luck with themed bathroom signs.


  1. You just need to proudly go wherever in the world you want! Don't be burdened by other people's signs!

  2. I'll have to keep this one in mind next time I go to the ladies room. hahaha