Monday, January 9, 2012

New Kitchen Toys

I didn't post much over the holidays for a number of reasons.
However, I do want to show off some new kitchen toys that I got before Thanksgiving.
I try very hard to stick to the "No Unitaskers" rule when buying myself things for the kitchen. What normally happens when I've given in to my urge to buy a unitasker, is that I use it once or twice and then it just takes up valuable room in my cabinets.

I broke that rule, but I think it will be okay.

Lee and I were getting ideas for Christmas presents after seeing a movie at the mall.
When we're at the mall, he's sweet enough to wander Wm. Sonoma with me as I "ooo and ahh" over beautiful knives and shiny espresso machines and seasonal plates with matching aprons, soap, and dishtowels.
William Sonoma is just chock-full of unitaskers.
Microplanes for grinding nutmeg.
Avocado cutter/scoopers.
Apple corer/peeler/slicers.
Garlic holders.
Onion holders.
It would take all day to list them.

Piecrust Cutters
This is what I bought.
Well, not exactly this, but the same idea.
Tiny pastry cutters.
Mine are "Fall Themed Pie Crust Cutters".
A leaf, a turkey, an acorn and a pumpkin.
I love making pie. My family loves pie. I love that my family loves pie.

These tiny unitaskers will be used multiple times. I have renamed them Mulitaskers so Alton Brown and I can rest easy knowing they aren't wasting space in my kitchen.
I may even buy more of them this spring.
Maybe they'll have a duckling, bunny, flower, easter egg set?

Mr. Turkey fell in the apple pie, but he sure was pretty.

Apple pie with turkey and acorns.

Pumpkin pie with (what else?) pumpkins and leaves.

Cherry pie with leaves.

They didn't make the pie taste better, but they sure made them a little prettier and I had fun with my new kitchen toys.


  1. That's awesome! It's like pie cookies which have to be awesome!

  2. Wow, the pies look great! I have to admit I shop for kitchen items with an eye on convenience, so I have a number of unitaskers. My favorite (and the most used tool in my kitchen) the citrus squeezers. Yes, I have the green, yellow AND orange ones.

    Glad you went a little out of your comfort zone and did something fun for yourself!

  3. I love unitaskers! Your pies look really neat with all the decorations you put on them. By the way, Williams Sonoma is one of my favorite stores - love browsing through it to see all the neat gadgets.

  4. FUN!


  5. I'm still confused.... when are you sending me pie?! XOX