Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Love a Good Puzzle

Yesterday, I tackled the herculean task of unChristmasing (I just know that's a word) the house.
It was too herculean!
The dang tree is 8 feet tall!
It's a beautiful fake tree, that needs to be unFluffed (another real word) and the tiers unConnected (probably not a word) from each other and put back in the giant box.
Herculean task, I'm positive now.

Plus, there was the peripheral decorations that had to be stored away until next year.
Getting it all assembled in one area to be repacked is the easy part.
Getting it to all fit in 3 bins-- THAT is the puzzle that must be solved each and every year.

I suppose I could take pictures of each layer in each bin as we are getting it out every Thanksgiving, but that would be too easy.
Where's the fun in that?

Getting a big box, perfectly packed with smaller boxes is a triumph.
It makes a person (me) stand back with hands on hips and a big smile on my face. "Well done", I say to myself.
It also makes a person (me) stand on the ladder I used to take down the tree and take pictures of aforementioned boxes.

It always feels so cruel to unChristmas the house, so I wait until the children have gone back to school.
That way, it's not all up in their face that,
"It's over! Your vacation is over! You are going back to school soon!"

I remember from my own childhood how horrible I felt when two events happened each year:

1. The appearance of "Back to School" commercials as soon as the last firecracker popped on 4th of July.


2. The appearance of "Lose those Holiday Pounds for Swimsuit Season" commercials as soon as the last package was opened on Christmas day.

I want my kids to have being on vacation and Christmas to last as long as possible.
So, for them, I wait until they've gone back to school.

Guess that means I have to get to work on losing those holiday pounds for swimsuit season.


  1. You too create fun in packing boxes neatly and organized? I thought I was the only crazy person round these parts!

  2. I'm putting away all my Christmas also. And thoroughly cleaning the how dirty it gets.

    Great are very organized


  3. Ah ha ha! That first photo could *totally* be straight out of my own living room right now...well, except for the organized part. lol
    Yup...I do this exact same intricate ordering and reordering until all the boxes fit into the three red and green containers. And yes, every year it's the same thing. How funny.
    Great minds, right? :-) :-)

  4. I'm impressed CeeCee. I have many boxes because I don't want to take the time to arrange things neatly into three boxes. :) Definitely well done!

    Man, I hated those back to school ads and commercials.

  5. I am very organized. All my boxes are marked with what Christmas article goes inside. That way I never have to look for more boxes to fit in the "leftover" items. Good job, CeeCee.