Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cursing Cat


to attribute or ascribe human form or behaviour to (a god,animal, object, etc)

First, let me make it clear that I can not say "Anthropomorphize" on the first try.
Seldom on the second try.
In fact, I have to see that word to be able to say it at all.

The way the letters are arranged, it wants to roll off my tongue as "Anthro PRO morphize", and not "Anthro PO morphize".
Who cares really?
I just needed to give the definition of how we tend to make our animals have human feelings and characteristics to explain their behavior.
I guess that only makes sense, seeing as how we're human and all.
It makes us think our animals understand us, and that we understand them.
Or not.
Mostly, not.

If you had been in the room when the picture above was taken, you'd have clearly heard Hobbes saying, "Who ate all the $#@* icecream!!"

He does a lot of cussing these days.
He is, after all, about 14 in human years.
A teenager.
While lacking the testosterone to back up his behavior, he is a snot.
A pillbug.
A brat.
A pain-in-the-tookus.

He picks fights with the dogs who outweigh him by 40 pounds and have infinitely larger mouths.

He bites, but doesn't draw blood, on those that wish to shower him with affection at a time he deems inappropriate.

He stalks the young lady cat from across the street. She dismisses him every. single. time.

He chases, but cannot catch the cheeky squirrels.

He does as he is asked (comes inside at dusk), but marches around the house in a snit for at least an hour afterward.
Often, the snit is accompanied by cursing.
Long, drawn-out, deep meowing to anyone within earshot--including dogs.

See, anthropomorphizing at its best.
Cats can't even talk, so how can they curse?

Anyone who has ever owned a teenaged cat, will attest to the fact that they do, indeed, curse.
"Who ate all the $#@* icecream!!"


  1. Good one! I can just hear him cussing!

  2. GREAT POST! LOL!!!!

  3. Yes indeed...our orange wonder is a teen and a pain in the hind end.

    But now, you know, cats really are human, right?

  4. That Hobbes is so darn cute! We anthropomorphize our cats, and our dogs. We even take turns interpreting their behavior and "channeling" what they are saying. And I always suspect they are rolling their eyes when we are doing that :)

  5. Once more I had to drop by and re-read your post! I love it as much as I did the first time.

    What a cute cat!