Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just for the Sake of History

I don't have any pictures.
I've "lost that lovin' feelin' " for photographing things like rain gauges and puddles.
Mostly because we rarely have anything in the rain gauge and puddles are only made by garden hoses.

Yesterday, we got 1/2 inch of rain.

Enough to lay down the dirt a bit.
Enough for the county idiots to lift the burn ban.
Enough to cancel soccer practice.
Enough to fill all my rain barrels, that aren't really barrels at all but buckets and tubs of every size and assortment.
Enough to make a nice hatch of mosquitoes and flies.
Enough to green up the pasture a bit and give the tired trees a drink.
Enough to slick up the roads.
Enough to drive up the mold count, AAaccchoooo!
Enough to temporarily lift everyone's mood regarding the drought.

Not enough to put a dent in our 25 inch deficit for rain in the last year.
Still, I'll take it.


  1. I truly hope you get more rain this year. Even some snow...heck wouldn't that be something!

    Still I really am hoping for rain for you!


  2. Glad there is rain for you. Sorry it is so little and so late.

  3. glad you got "some" rain. Sorry it wasn't a lot.

  4. Wow...25 inches is significant. Yes, even a little rain is a welcome event I am sure.