Thursday, October 20, 2011

Neighborhood Supermodel

I've been following Mr. Big for several years now.
We're on a first name basis, I just call him Big.
He lifted his restraining order last year, and I can now get within 5 feet of him.

This time of year, his career is in high gear and he is a bit stand-offish.
He's getting ready for his annual show.
"Rut, 2011 Whom Will She Choose?"
This year, some of his fiercest competitors in the modeling industry have been signed for the show as well.

He's obviously been working out over the summer, despite our wretched heat wave.

Unfortunately, his competitors often are catty when it comes to this show every year.
They taunt in him---but only from afar.
They know he outshines them every year on the catwalk.
This year looks to be no different.
His attention to his diet and work out program will pay off yet again.

Thanks for stopping by, Mr. Big.
See you tomorrow, right?
Hey, let's meet for a latte'! I'm buyin'.
We're best buds. He's just got another photo shoot.


  1. He's too sexy for his antlers. "And I do my little turn on the catwalk. Yeah, on the catwalk on the catwalk yeah." Buff and sooo good looking. Watch out you lucky lady does.

    He posed so nicely for YOUR camera.

  2. I like what Leenie said...He is too sexy for his antlers! I'm glad he is surviving and ready for his preformance!


  3. What a "stud"!!! He is a "hunk" You are very lucky Mr. Big will let you get close enough to photograph him.

  4. Wow - he is magnificent. I chuckled at Leenie's "He's too sexy for his antlers", too :) He really is so handsome. And you got some awesome pictures of him.