Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Finally Meeting Them

Last weekend I took Pearl and James to Wisconsin
Because they had a 4 day weekend and because they'd never met my niece, Sarah's, family.

How could that be?
Sarah and Ryan got married in Hawaii (their home at the time). Lee and I went, and left the kids at home.
When Sarah got pregnant with her first baby, she and Ryan moved back to the mainland to be closer to family.

Ryan is from Wisconsin. They chose there for a variety of reasons.
Ryan started his own business and Sarah got right to work as a pediatric nurse.

Bella was born. Then Grayson was born.

As often happens with young families and not so young families (theirs and ours)---we're busy.
We are also separated by 1205.52 miles.
So here it is, almost four years later, and two of my kids are just now meeting Sarah's family.

These are pictures of "who" we saw.
The next post will be of "what" we saw as well.
As usual, many of the photos are by Pearl.

Pearl, James, Grayson and Sarah

Ryan, Bella and Luna in their backyard.

Yummy baby!

Who loves his momma?

"I coming bunnies!!"
Bella's favorite animals at the Green Meadows Petting Farm are the bunnies.

Pony ride!

James being silly. He might have been a bit too big for this swing.

Bella waited so patiently for her turn with the bunny.

Sarah and Grayson

Bella with momma goat and her triplets.
We got there fairly late in the day, so many of the animals were just plain tired.
Momma goat and babies never moved.

Bella discovers that sheep cannot keep a secret. If one gets food, they all find out.
She also has to figure out how to feed them with a flat hand. Otherwise, they'll nibble her fingers.

James and the John Deere

Pumpkin time! The weeds were itchy to Bella's feet, so she hitched a ride with Pearl.

Straw bales and drainage pipes make for a great playground.

Bella at the top of the slide with daddy. It was quite a ways down, but she braved it anyway.

James and Pearl taking a break on the hay bale playground

Me and Bella with her "baby pumpkin".
Baby Pumpkin went everywhere with us for the next two days.

After the petting farm, we made a stop at place called Elegant Farmer.
It's a fancy grocery store/bakery that is attached to an apple orchard.
I didn't take any pictures because it was a mad house.
The sunny skies and 80* temps had folks from miles around coming out to enjoy the weather before the snow flies.
They are famous for their apple pies that are baked in paper bags.
We got a couple of those, some cheese curds, a chicken pot pie for dinner, caramel popcorn, beef jerky, and cinnamon sugar tortilla chips.
We got some apples, just to even out the good-t0-bad food ratio. :)

Impossibly cute baby!

Waterfront on Lake Michigan in Milwaukee.

The kids and I stayed in a hotel. We all decided to take advantage of their indoor pool. Bella loves swimming!

Grayson, Ryan, Bella and Sarah.
Who is that kid leaning into my picture? :)

Sidewalk chalk

It is officially Fall in Wisconsin. That means leaves on the ground.
I raked a few up and the kids played in them while we snapped pictures.

She's so good with the babies!

These two pumpkins are lucky indeed.
They have great parents. Parents who should pat themselves on the back for the great job they're doing.
I know they are sleep deprived and probably constantly question if they are doing the right thing in any given situation. They are.
They work seamlessly together in every part of their parenting and household chores. They both cover all the bases. If one needs a break, the other is happy to make it happen.
I'm so proud of both of them.
I'm so glad two of my kiddos got finally meet them and love them as much as I do.


  1. What a delightful time you had! I was smiling throughout the whole blog...thank you for sharing it with me and the rest of blog world. Pearl is a beautiful as her name!


  2. Oh my gosh - gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing them, Cee Cee and what a fun and special time it looks like you all had!
    And, wow, you are a beautiful, shining star! Look at that smile on your face!! :-) :-)

  3. Thank you SO much for sharing your 2 "babies" with us and bringing them to Wisconsin to meet my babies. We love you all and were so happy to have you here! We had so much fun. it was so nice to escape the house and explore with all of you. XOXO! I'll be blogging soon, I'm SO far behind!

  4. Sure wish I had known you were coming - I live in the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin. We could have gotten together and met each other in person. Maybe on your next visit. Glad you had such a wonderful time here. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  5. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. Bella and Grayson look like happy, happy kids. Love that you did so many outdoor, animal-related activities. :) The random kid at the pool made me laugh out loud. :D

  6. Gorgeous pictures, CeeCee. You're so pretty and you look so happy holding that baby :) Such a beautiful family, all the way around. Thanks for sharing this visit with us.