Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dreaming of More Four-Leggeds

My poor hubby. This week, I want goats.
Boer goats.
I know just where I can get some, too.

My friend, Jen, raises Boer goat and trains horses for a living.
Thursday, another friend and I went to Jen's ranch to borrow a pair of hoof snips.

Luckily, there were still two cutie pie babies to see.
A couple times a year, her place is swarming with babies.
All but two went off to the sale barn over the summer. They stayed behind because they were surprise babies that were born much later than the others.

I would love to have a couple goats as pets. Maybe this momma and her little buck?
Or not.
Goats are quite athletic and crafty when it comes to getting out of fences and pens. Boer goats also get pretty large.

Despite their size, they still love to snuggle and be scratched. They'd have climbed right up in our laps if we'd have gone in the pen.
Most of Jen's does are very friendly.
Maybe I should have these two girls instead?
They should be delivering cutie babies before Thanksgiving.
Then I'd have cutie babies all my own, plus friendly mommas.
What more could a girl want.........besides donkeys and a barn and a fence?


  1. Ahhh a girl after my own heart! GO for it! That's what country living is all about!


  2. Goats, donkeys, a very high, tough fence, a barn, plenty of feed, milking bucket, vet bills, Oh, wait, I'm supposed to be on your side.

    They are just so super full of friendly personality!!!!

  3. Nigerian Dwarf goats don't need quite as high of fencing. And will ALWAYS want to climb in your lap.
    And have wonderful, loving, funny, individual personalities. Just sayin'.

    Donkeys are cool, too.

  4. I saw go for it - get your goats!

  5. Large is an understatement on Boer goats I think. I have seen some as big as a cow! They are awesome though! Def get some!