Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Colors of Wisconsin

A couple posts ago, I showed you "who" we saw in Wisconsin.
Today, I will show you "what" we saw in Wisconsin.

We saw color! Lots and lots of color!

I know folks must be tiring of how many days we had over 100* this summer ( 90, if anyone is just tuning in). Also, you must be tired of how many days over 90* (127 at last count). Lastly, you are mighty tired of hearing about our drought and how it hasn't significantly rained since October, 2010 (note: freak rainstorm dropped 2 inches at our house while we were in WI.)

All those facts add up to one thing about Austin, TX.
It's brown and tan and beige and greenish in certain places here.
Dirt has replaced grass.
Formerly green trees have begun to turn a strange shade of gray-green.
Flowerbeds were for naught.
Color in any intensity has disappeared.

In Wisconsin, they had a boat load of snow last winter and have had regular rain over the spring/summer months.
What does that add up to?
All the colors of the rainbow.
For James, Pearl and me, it was a cool, refreshing break from the last year in Texas.
"Wow!" could be heard coming from one of us, every time we went outdoors.

Reds, oranges, yellows and greens.

Soft creams and whites.
Bella's favorite!

Yellow and green!

Pink and green and red and blue and brown.
Helpful Pat the pig.

Cocoa, and black and white and gray.
Mother and children, three.

Yellows and whites and blacks and browns.
Hungry sheep teaching Bella the 'flat hand feeding method'.

Dark chocolate and creams.
Note to Lee: WANT one, really WANT two. Donkeys, not chocolate.

Honestly, every color in the rainbow. This tom was iridescent and handsome in his courting attire.

Orange and green, everywhere.

White and green.
Milwaukee Museum of Art on Lake Michigan

White and blue and green. Trees in their colors as well.

Orange, yellow, green, blue, brown and black.
Lake Michigan was so clear and beautiful. It was good to be a duck.

What color don't you see? Maybe purple?

We don't have this in Austin this year.

Nor this.

Thank you Sarah, Ryan, Bella and Grayson, for letting us visit and for sharing your bit of Wisconsin with us.
Love you truly, madly, wildly!

I think Autumn will be the time to visit Wisconsin in the future.
So very, very beautiful!


  1. Wisconsin welcomes you anytime and the Zizzo's welcome you ALWAYS!! We love you and miss your handsome little clan. Next time bring Lee and Tom :) We like them too! See you next fall?!

  2. It has been a "colorful" year this year. Glad you got a chance to visit our State.

  3. Autumn is awesome but then comes Winter. You need to be a snow bird...north when it is not winter, south during winter

  4. It looks like a truly beautiful place, and I love all the colors in your pictures. So pretty.