Saturday, October 15, 2011

And Then There Were Five

My sweet Sunny died today.
In looking back over her 'baby pictures', it turns out today is also her birthday.
She was born October 15th, 2004
Seven, presumably happy years.
She was my favorite hen.
She always came to sit in my lap and take a nap if I stayed put long enough.
She'd burrow her head in under my arm, like a chick would do.
She actually seemed to like being petted and would leave the flock to come hang out with me when I was outdoors.
She never had much to say, no gossip to share like a couple of the other hens.
She was quiet and gentle and a fine egg layer.
I won't venture to guess how many eggs she laid in her lifetime, but I do know she laid the occasional egg as late as this summer.
One last thing to note about Sunny--after our rooster died, Sunny grew spurs. There hasn't been much research regarding hens growing spurs, but the theory is that it's a hormonal change that occurs as they age.
She survived the hottest summer on record, only to die on a mild autumn day in her coop.
I'm quite certain there'll never be another like her in my lifetime.


  1. I had a hen like her...I called her Honey Hen. She survived the rooster (I got rid of him) and then a hawk got her. I miss Honey Hen so I understand your lose! I really do.


  2. What a friend she must have been. Most people have no idea how much character and personality a hen can have.

  3. Sorry to hear about the loss of Sunny! She must have been a real friend.

  4. So sorry to hear about your Sunny girl. I'm sure her life was a happy one since you were a part of it. XOXO Thinking of you and Miss Sunny.

  5. That's a good life for a hen. We would like to keep them always, but sadly we cannot. It's so interesting to me how they have such small brains but still they have personalities. Sorry for your loss:-(

  6. I'm so very sorry, CeeCee. Sunny was so pretty and a good friend to you.