Thursday, September 22, 2011

Swept Away

photographer Jean Guichard

Yes, the picture is real.
Believe it or not, the man in the lighthouse was not killed.
He was awaiting rescue via helicopter.
That was the only reason he opened the door.

The funny thing about my blog is that I started it so I could be transparent to my family.
Ironically, I am feeling as though I might be swept away by emotion that involves a family member.
The blog can no longer be the outlet.
That's perfectly okay.
So, in order to mark this place in time, I must be vague.
I must mark it though.

This week, I've been feeling very much like the man in the lighthouse.
I can't really share why, only to say that it involves a family member.
Family is the single most important thing in my life.
My children are my greatest gift.
No one has died.
No one is ill.
In fact, many many folks reading this would think this thing that I'm "not" telling you about is minor in the greater scheme of life.
To me it is not. To my husband, it is not.

So what is this thing that has me so awash in sadness?
Growing pains.
Being a parent is absolutely the hardest job on the planet.
If you want to be a good parent anyway.
I do.

I have to cling to the lighthouse and not be swept away by emotion.
I must lean on God and my dear, sweet husband for support.
Luckily, both he and God are excellent examples of how to be a parent.
Love without judgement.
Love unconditionally.
Hurt, but move forward with open arms anyway.
Respond in love.

I will be rescued eventually.
Right now, I just need to close the lighthouse door and work on it.
Mull it over.


  1. Children are our greatest joy and our greatest sorrows. They do grow up, in the mean time you get a few gray hairs. Then in realize it was to bring all of you closer while allowing the little bird to fly a little further from the nest.

    You are loved. We are praying with you.


  2. Take care! I am praying for you.

  3. Will keep you in my prayers. God and your husband will not let you be swept away.

  4. Good luck, I hope things come out for the best!

  5. Your post is so inspiring. We all have our ups and downs, but thanks God that He is always ready to carry us and surround us with people who can give us the support we need. Keep believing!

  6. Aunt CeeCee, you are a star of an example of what loving unconditionally means. I look to you for many things. You are an amazing mother, a dedicated wife and you have taught me so many things about life, love and happiness just by being an "outsider". I'm praying for peace in your little family. I can't imagine what it must feel like. I think toddlers/infants are challenging but I know it only gets more difficult from here. I love you!

  7. Oh, CeeCee... hang in there. I've actually been thinking a lot about you and hoping that you're okay.

    I'm thinking about you for another reason tonight... for the first time of the "season," I'm making pork verde. It's one of our very, very favorite meals now.

    You are definitely loved. xo

  8. Please know you have so many friends out here wishing you peace and happiness... you know where to find me if you want to "talk".

  9. Thanks for all the supportive comments. One day at a time with love will get us through.

  10. Your words along with this incredible photo rang true with my life at the moment also. The thing about blogger land you meet and read many people that are going through the same thing. This makes your life a little easier if you know you are not alone. You are not alone I hope you get through this phase soon. Hold tight it will pass. B

  11. Hoping, praying, that the waves around your lighthouse have calmed. (((hugs)))