Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So, What Do You Do for A Living?

The primary reason for this blog's existence is so I could become wildly famous and rich like Pioneer Woman.
Wait, no it's not. :)

The primary reason was so my kids could understand some of the inner workings, secrets and loves of their mom. What makes me tick? What makes me smile? You get the jist.

In talking with someone recently, I was reminded that I had many jobs before I became a mom.
Most were paid jobs, some were volunteer.
I can say, there was only one that I didn't like. I wanted to like it, but my boss was a head case.

I'll start at the beginning and add commentary if it's necessary.

*Answered phones at a Datsun dealership on Saturdays. I was 13. My dad was a salesman there.

*Waitress at a Shoneys

*Retail work at a Jean's West in the Blue Ridge Mall. Jean's West went out of business and the mall is gone.

*Daycare teacher. Worked every age from infants up to the kiddos that just missed the cutoff to go to kindergarten. Hardest job I ever had besides being a mom. Loved it.

*Usher for the Kansas City Royals. Knew my schedule for a whole year. Fabulous summer job. Did it for 5 summers. I think I got this job because I knew George Brett. Funny thing: Didn't like baseball one bit. Still don't.

*Waitress at Bennigan's. Loved this job like crazy. Love talking to strangers.

*Insurance filer/office assistant at a Dialysis unit. First "real job" I ever had (had benefits). I liked the work, but one of my co-workers hated me because I lost a bunch of weight when I got my heart broken. She made it her job to make me as miserable at work as I was at home.

*Back to the Daycare job. Quit when Lee and I got married and moved to Houston.

*Greenhouse/Nursery worker. Watered plants. Hot, boring, lonely work for a girl who just moved to town.

*Dental Assistant for an Endodontist (root canal). On the job training. If something seems too good to be true, it is. In his pre-dental years he claimed to have worked for CIA during the Vietnam War. Knew all about brain-washing. Spent his days messing with the heads of his dental staff when he wasn't messing with someone's teeth. No wonder he offered on the job training. He blew through staff like a tornado through open prairie.

*Back to Daycare. Loved it. Quit because my employer's husband spent far too much time hitting on me. Yuck!

*Last job before kids was a volunteer one: I spent the summer volunteering at a YMCA camp as a horse wrangler.

I am fortunate enough to have been able to stay home with my kids all these years. Everything after that was volunteer work.

*Room mom, helping out at their schools.
*Rehabber for Wildlife Rescue--so much fun having baby squirrels in the house!
*Sunday School teacher
*Church camp counselor
*Coordinator of our program at church to feed the homeless--still do this.
*Picker/packer of veggies at a community sustained agriculture farm.

It's possible I missed a couple things. I don't think so.
Now you can see how I know a little bit about a lot of things.


  1. All that experience--daycare, horse wrangling, waitress, dealing with psychos--would have made you well qualified to be an excellent mom.

  2. You seem to be well qualified to be a mom. :)

  3. I'm sure you must have forgot the "aunt" job accidentally :) I'll forgive you this time... I think it goes right in there before kids... it wasn't paid though or volunteer, more like forced but whatever! You were and are really great at that one so you should add it too :)