Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Pearl constantly amazes me with her photographic eye and ability to capture what she sees.

Last week we had what appeared to be an influx of hummingbirds. Migration has begun.
While they don't travel in flocks, like geese for example, it would seem that they all leave one place and travel south at the same time.
We have three feeders out and they were all swarming with hummingbirds.
Pearl said it looked like bees instead of birds, for all the activity. We once counted 10 at this one feeder alone.
They stayed around for the weekend, and by Monday we were back to the half dozen that normally fight over the feeders.

The "exceptional" drought (I take exception to the use of that word, there's nothing exceptional about it) that we've been having has put the migratory hummingbirds and butterflies at risk.
As they travel, they stop at flowers all along the way to feed. Their normal path south (through Texas) leaves them with little to no flowering plants to stop at. Bird folk have gotten the word out through the media that feeders are going to be the difference between a successful migration and the death of many birds and butterflies.
Some might say that it's the way of nature and to leave it alone. I'm not up to letting birds die from lack of food and water.
Call me a softie.
I can live with that.


  1. I give you 5 thumbs up! YAY! for you and other birders out there!

    Did you get some rain? My friend in Lubbock said she got some yesterday.


  2. Good for you and all bird and butterfly lovers who put out extra to make up for the rotten weather. So many places would be so much less without them.

  3. Beautiful hummingbird shot! My hummingbirds here are so territorial that they buzz each other all day long. Rarely do I see more than one of them at a time at the feeder.
    It pains my heart to think of all the animals impacted by the drought. We've got 1/4" of rain in our forecast for tomorrow - I'll wish some your way, too, ok?

  4. I am a softie too...good on you!

  5. I wouldn't expect anything less from you. :) What a beautiful picture!

    All of our swallows and hummers are gone, and we're just now welcoming back the sandhill cranes this week!

  6. That is a truly magnificent picture! And thank goodness for "softies" like you.