Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby

Okay, so he's not a baby.
But, he is my baby. My youngest.
My youngest is now 13!

He chose peach pie for his "cake". :)
We had a family dinner with a couple beloved friends added in for fun.
We ate at the best pizza place in town--Austin Pizza Garden.
Of course, that's our opinion, but we're always right about these things.

He had 4 buddies (Jonathan, Cole, Jackson, and Diego) over for a sleepover to celebrate.
Burgers and dogs and chips and cupcakes and Japanese sodas were on the menu.
Swimming, watching YouTube videos and playing with their phones were the main activities of the evening.
I think they slept a little bit.
They beg to differ.
Cinnamon rolls and bacon for breakfast.

Tomorrow it's back to school and such, but it was a lovely weekend.
We are so blessed to have this boy in our lives.
A boy that is becoming big like his brother and his sister.

Happy birthday my love! I love you madly!


  1. Happy Birthday to your "baby." My "baby" just had a birthday too. BTW I'm coming to YOUR house for breakfast.

  2. Aw, thirteen. Happy birthday to your "baby"! :-)

  3. Happy Birthday to your "teenage" son!

  4. Happy Birthday to your baby! That's a gorgeous birthday "cake" and I bet it was delicious!